Special Materials

Special Material Item Cost Modifier MW Att Bonus MW Dmg Bonus Weight Hardness HP Special
Adamantium note: a +2 +2 20 40 always MW
Bronze 9 fragile quality
Cold Iron x2 10 30 + 2k gp to enchant
Jade ghost touch quality
Laen +100 gp as standard
Mithril note: b 1/2 15 30 always MW
Nephelium +3 +3 25 50 smokey or clear, always MW
Orichalcium magical alloy component
Platinum 15 30 as mithril
Silver, Alchemical note: c
Valistan Steel +1 +1

Alloys and Unknown Metals:

Cobalt: hard bluish silver metal.

Galvorn: mithril/adamantium alloy, shining black in appearance. Toughness of adamantium and supple lightness of mithril.

Promethium: pale greenish or blue glow, dangerous unrefined.

White Gold: (Star blood) magically charged white gold from meteorites.

Crafting with some special materials requires knowledge of the proper techniques and/or special tools or workshops.

Special Materials

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