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Alfaysia is a world considered a nexus of space and time (although the general populace is not aware). This makes Alfaysia a central “chess board” if you will for the power struggles of many different beings and races.

At one time in the past Alfaysia was invaded in a war called “The Sphere Wars” where creatures of chaos invaded and were eventually defeated.

Continent of Alyndrica

The kingdom of Landfall was formed from the ruins of the last remaining city of travelers from a forgotten nation. Landfall is semi-medieval with lingering influences from that lost kingdom. (Neutral Good)

Landfall is part of the Varencian Empire. The Varencian Empire was formed after a civil war tore apart the largest and most magically advanced kingdom (ancient Wensharia) the continent had known. The evil losers from that civil war fled north and formed a kingdom called the Anguis Imperium (or serpent empire) that is ruled by wizards and Tiamat/devil worshipers (Evil). The Varencian empire restored civilization to the central lands and could be considered a “Roman” style empire. (They rebuilt the roads, fought back the darkness, etc, etc.) (Lawful Good to Lawful Neutral)

Sunaria is a middle/bronze age kingdom with a Babylonian flavor, ruled by a female Autocracy, supported by a militant government. (Neutral Good).

Crondor is an early renaissance style kingdom ruled by the merchant houses and the Imperial Legate from Varencia. (Lawful Neutral)

Rel Astra is a feudal kingdom still in the dark ages. It is a loose confederacy of kings and kingdoms that pay tribute to the Varencian Empire via the Imperial Legate. They are a rough, sword swinging bunch with a strong warrior code and sense of honor, that reside in the mountains and high plains.

Races of Alyndrica

To the east of Landfall is an area of forests and temperate plains where the Cheysuli nomads roam. (barbarians/amerinds) The major tribes are the Bear, Wolf, Tiger, and Hawk tribes.

Along the coast of the Aes Draconis (Dragon Sea) many days journey to the west is a hilly coastline ruled by “civilized” hobgoblin tribes, that live in the cities built by their ancestors and raid the oceans. Most of them are evil, but some hobgoblins (from there and other places) have established a reputation as honorable if vicious warriors.

There have been several man versus elf wars in the past. The first was started by humans (the ancient Wensharians) as they kept pressing into the forest homelands of the elves. The second man-elf war was started by the elves when they saw mankind returning after the fall of Wensharia. (They mistaken thought it was the evil Wensharians again and did a pre-emptive first strike.)

There are several types of elves in Alyndrica. Normal forest style elves in scattered settlements and isolated areas. “High” elves (eladrin) living in mystical otherworldly cities. Evil demon worshiping elves (druas/drow) that live in dark forests and caves. And sea elves (mareladrin) that are legendary magically gifted and capable warriors that are rarely seen.

Dwarves come in two varieties, mountain dwarves that are the classic dug into the earth in underground cities type, and the hill dwarves that are descended from them that live in hilly areas and are mostly above ground. (except when mining). Dwarves say they came to this land from another world, fleeing something. After many centuries, a group of humans followed them from that other world. These humans are known as the Korsic barbarians. Both the dwarves and the Korsic barbarians have a norse/Germanic flavor to them.

Gnomes do not have a nation of their own and are normally found in the same areas as humans, although small settlements of gnomes do exist in throughout the lands. Gnomes are either forest gnomes or rock gnomes. They are gifted illusionists.

There are no Halflings and no Orcs.

Gnolls and goblins are the major non-human “evil” races.

There are also tribes of lizard folk (though not as numerous as the gnoll or goblins) In fact, one tribe of lizardfolk in a swamp near Landfall have entered into a deal where Landfall allows them to fish for the blue pearls and live in the swamp in peace, and they send their biggest and best warriors to be part of the king of Landfall’s guard.

Player Overview

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