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Alfaysia is a land of ancient history and fallen cultures, now an open slate upon which to write adventures that favor the bold and all seeking to make their mark upon the world.

Alfaysia is a world whose origin is lost in the depths of time. Some say it was the first world, others claim it is merely a nexus of various planes and worlds. Most don’t even think about it, they just try to survive.

Abandoned ruins and bustling cities, wilderness and political intrigue, all the hallmarks of a standard D&D campaign. And they can all be found here with a slight twist, to include customized races and background lore, martial arts, psionics, new weapons, armor, and unique magical powers and rituals. All this contributes to a campaign that is familiar enough to play easily, yet distinctive in character and flavor to give years of role-playing enjoyment.

The description of Alfaysia is centered on the continent of Alyndrica, where the known lands stretch nearly 2,000 miles east to west, and 1,000 miles north to south. The continent is in the southern hemisphere of Alfaysia, with the colder climes to the south of the civilized areas.

The Continent of Alyndrica

Alyndrica stretches from the immense atmosphere breaching Tyrannese mountains in the east to the Skalteran mountains in the west. The southern border of Alyndrica reaches the shores of the Vermis and Falco bays, which open up into the Tempestas ocean. The continent is bordered on the north by the Saevitia Sea. Within these borders are many types of lands and geography; mist shrouded forests and secluded groves, high plateaus and canyons that reach into the depths of the earth, reptile infested swamps and ogre filled hills, desolate deserts and magically warped wastelands.

Many empires and kingdoms exist within the lands of Alyndrica, separated by stretches of wilderness. Roads lead from civilized area to civilized area and are patrolled as well as can be expected on the outskirts of populated lands. Some paved roads from the time of the ancient empires still exist, but while they may ease travel, they are no guarantee of safety. Trade caravans travel from town to town by land and by sea, risking the dangers of the intervening wilderness in search of profit.

The Inhabitants of Alyfaysia

The inhabitants of Alfaysia are numerous and varied. The intelligent races range from standard humans to other worldly fiends hiding in the depths of the earth. Humans of various races are the majority of the population of Alfaysia, with a number of other races making up the bulk of the rest.

Humans are a expansionistic, civilization and kingdom building race, with populous cities scattered amongst their land. Humans are also known for their versatility and stubbornness in the face of adversity.

Elves are the second most populous race, though they do not come close to the numbers of the humans. Elves, both the forest elves and the high elves, live in secluded communities in harmony with the land. Elvish empires once spread further across the lands of Alfaysia, but they have withdrawn as humans have expanded.

Dwarves live both within and under self contained mountain citadels, and above ground communities within hilly areas. Dwarves originally immigrated from another land, along with a race of human barbarians.

Gnomes have mainly adapted to life in and among the human cultures in the areas where they reside, while retaining much of their own culture. Some communities comprised mainly of gnomes remain in isolated areas of hills that contain jewels, and forests with rare plants and herbs.

Other races worth mentioning are the goblins and hobgoblins that have established a kingdom on the shores of the Aes Draconis sea, the scattered lizard folk living amongst the swamps and the wastelands, the clans of one-eyed goliaths scattered in the forests and hills of eastern Alyndrica, the tribes of cat people in the central areas of the continent, the ogres of the Olag-Hai and Skulen hills, the minotaur kingdoms, and finally the legions of gnoll packs scattered mainly across the western portion of the continent.

Magic and Belief

The entire world of Alfaysia and perhaps the majority of the cosmos revolves around the power inherent in belief and will. The power of philosophies and forces, such as Chaos, Good, Nature, Entropy, Light, Magic, etc. have real and valid power. In places where the power runs strong and people have a firm belief in its existence, the power grows stronger. The same applies to gods also. Worship of gods and religions contributes to the power of the faith. Wizard’s belief in their abilities and knowledge of the inner workings of the cosmos allows them to manipulate magic to gain great powers. Great fighters leading battles know the will to win is much of the fight. In essence, the stronger the will the more the world is affected. Of course it takes an extraordinary person to change anything, the sheer inertia of the world and its peoples resist change, much as a pebble in a river.

Crossroads of the Spheres

Alyndrica finds itself in the unique position of being a virtual crossroads, both geographically and dimensionally. Situated on all sides by oceans, and having several inland seas, causes the land to be easily reached by many cultures. The borders of the astral seem to be thinner in Alyndrica than is normal in most of the million spheres of existence. Shifting gaps between dimensions, astral portals, planer paths, all at one time or another have opened Alyndrica to other worlds. Many of the inhabitants come from other lands. It is a known fact that the dwarves and the Korsic barbarians came to this land from another world, fleeing the demise of magic. The rare but powerful worldwalkers cross to and from Alyndrica in their travels. On several occasions in the early history of the continent invasions from other spheres occurred. Thankfully, for the most part the invaders were defeated. Many powers from infernal and heavenly realms attempt to influence Alyndrica.

Several of these realms seem to lie in closer proximity than others. The faerie realm seems to be closely tied to the nature of Alyndrica, with places at times existing in both worlds, allowing fairies and their kin to travel back and forth. The realm of shadow can be easily reached from Alyndrica, bringing shadow dragons and shadows to plague our lands, and allowing Shadow Mages to gain power. Alyndrica gains much from its proximity to other realms and suffers much also. Fortunately for the common man this proximity doesn’t often affect the normal pace of life. For the adventurers and self appointed guardians of the world it has a bit more impact.

Ancient Times

Back in the beginning of Alyndrica, way before any of the recorded histories of any of the current races, monsters and horrors ruled the world. What creatures and races existed then can only be speculated about, but the legends say that they all fell under the yoke of slavery and control of monstrous beings from beyond the stars. Then a race of gods came to the world in a ray of light from the sun, bringing with them the ancient dragons, and after a long war, destroyed or banished the monstrous beings from the face of the earth. The minions of the gods spread across the world, repairing the damage as best they could. Eventually nature and the primal spirits recovered from near annihilation, ushering in a new era for Alyndrica, with untold ages of prosperity, healing, and growth for the world.

The Ages of Alyfaysia

Alfaysia has passed through untold ages in its long and varied history, but these ages are commonly broken down into several groups by sages and scholars. The Ancient Times (mentioned above) are those ages shrouded and lost in the mists of pre-history, before the recordings of the men and mortals. The empires and kingdoms of the Centarian Age are the first recorded histories of which remnants have survived for scholars to unearth. Many tales are told of these fabled lands and kingdoms. What follows are several of the more notable Centarian Empires. The kingdom of Istia, a land of islands and prophets that was swept under the sea by a cataclysm, the City-State of Labyris, inhabited by chaos worshipping goat men and satyr-like creatures, the dreaded valley of the Morganti, infamous for vile necromancy and death weapons, the hobgoblin kingdom of Chadevar, situated upon the banks of the Aes Draconis sea, and the shining kingdom of Tar Nova, a maritime nation rumored to have sailed to Alyndrica from a far off land.

The next great age recorded by sages is that of the Wensharians. The Wensharian Age began and ended with the rise and fall of the Wensharian empire, the only known empire of man to have brought civilization to the majority of the Alyndrican continent. The Wensharian Age lasted hundreds of years, but eventually fell to corruption. The time after it fell became known as the Dark Ages, where civilization was driven back into small strongholds by war and darkness. The year 400 BE is considered the end of the Dark Ages, with the current year being 508 BE.

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