Flying Ship Lore

2012 jul steampunk flying ship by ben wootten

Flying magical ships are rare in the current age of Alfaysia, although legends state they once were fairly prominent. History tells us that the Wensharians, at the height of their power, rediscovered the lost secrets of magical flight. During the apex of their expansion, several large sailing ships were used to cross large distances and carry troops. As the Wensharians fell, the ships were used during their civil war, and wrecked havoc and devastation from the air.

Of all the Wensharian flying ships known to exist, only four are reputedly still in service. The Varencian empire has a a frigate class flying ship designated the personal craft of the Emperor. The Anguis Imperium has at least two frigate class ships, and is rumored to have maintained possession of the ancient Wensharian galleon Shiva Ex Machina, re-named as Shiva Excetra

How they work

The magical flying ships derived from Wensharian lore work as follows;

  • A magical keel provides lift (making the ship lighter) and allows for the ship to use the wind for propulsion and tacking, as a standard ship would upon the ocean.
  • There is no self-propelled forward momentum, all movement (except up and down) comes from the wind and sails.
  • Sustaining the lift requires fuel, a magical source of power. Normally some form of orichalcium is consumed.
Ancient Lore

There are rumors of self propelled ships that do not rely solely upon the wind;

  • The keel as discussed above is built into the entire hull.
  • These ships do not burn fuel for lift or sustaining flight (i.e. using sails as described above doesn’t burn fuel).
  • Forward propulsion by sheer engine power does burn fuel.
  • Many of these ships travel double speed on a ley line.
  • Source of fuel currently unknown.

Other fantastical rumors of ships that don’t even resemble sailing ships have been heard of, but are normally dismissed.

Flying Ship Lore

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