The World Serpent Inn

Korsic legends since the time of the Great Migration, and probably before, speak of an inn with many doors. The inn seems to drift from place to place, or perhaps the world drifts around it. Korsic legends say that only those not looking for the inn end up finding it. It is said that that Jörmungandr, the serpent, holds the inn within its coils, and the subtle shifting as it dreams its unfathomable dreams changes the location and destination of the doors leading to and from the inn. They say you can speak with the souls of great heroes who wait for the coming of the Twilight War, and that even the Vaesir stop by for a drink on occassion

The World Serpent Inn is both a place and a nonplace, existing in multiple worlds simultaneously and nowhere at all. It is a gathering place for demi-gods (living and dead), forgotten heroes, and restless ghosts. Almost all the inhabitants of the Inn are travelers, either by design or by chance. Many have simply stopped here during journeys to other places, while others came to the Inn accidentally, then realized they could not get home.

The central chamber of the World Serpent Inn resembles nothing so much as an ancient tavern, with plank floors underfoot and venerable wooden beams overhead. This “common room” is a large, rectangular chamber dominated by a pair of flagstone fireplaces, one at each end. Great tables and heavy oak chairs fill the space in between, and patrons gather around these tables in groups of twos and threes to chat. A balcony with more tables, accessible via a spiral staircase in one corner, forms a partial second floor for the chamber. There are no windows, either on the ground floor or along the balcony. Corridors lead off from both floors of the common room into other parts of the World Serpent Inn.

The Inn’s primary portal (called the main entrance) connects its common room with first one destination, then another, seemingly at random. On the connected plane, the portal usually takes on an appearance appropriate for its surroundings, such as a never-beforenoticed storefront in town, a roadside tavern conveniently placed to provide shelter from a storm, or a cavern revealed by a rockslide. Anachronistic appearances are possible, but rare. Often, it seems as though the World Serpent Inn is waiting for a particular individual or group to cross its threshold. Once that occurs, the portal vanishes, only to open anew elsewhere—on either the same connected plane or a new one. Roll on the table below to determine the portal’s new location. The portal, regardless of its appearance, is always marked with the symbol of a serpent curled into a horizontal figure eight (the sign of infinity), eating its own tail. The door, if there is one, is never locked, and it opens into the World Serpent Inn’s common room. This main entrance is a two-way portal, though as noted above, its destination changes frequently. The Inn also has hundreds of other exits, which are accessible from a maze of passages leading out of the common room in all directions. Most of these other exits are one-way portals, and they are usually though not always) clearly marked. Some always lead to the same plane, but others have variable destinations.

The World Serpent Inn

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