The Vaesir

il_570xN.355817079_3k9j.jpgA group of deities worshipped by the dwarven race, the Tuathan people of Sidheon and Valista, and the Korsic barbarians. Common folklore is that the dwarves and barbarians brought the faith with them from an unknown land.

The Vaesir expect strength and skill from their followers, with martial skill or expertise in crafting being the most highly regarded traits worthy of respect in society.

It is said that the Vaesir struggled long ago against the enemies of the mortal world, the primordials, during a battle called the Dawn War. The Vaesir battled and defeated four mighty primordials; Balor (of the Evil Eye), Surtur (The Fire Storm), Thrym (The Ice Titan), and Fafnir (The Serpent of Greed).

They call for their followers to prepare for the next war at the end of times called the Twilight War, in which those worthy shall fight beside the Vaesir against the primordials and their allies. The spirits of worthy heroes are called the einheriar.

The dwarves and the Korsic barbarians do not normally include the deities listed as “Tuathan” in the pantheon. The gods known as Forseti, Frey, and Freya joined the faith after the settlement of the country of Sidheon, and the gradual expansion into Valista.

Vice versa, the gods Kos, Umberlee, Magni, and Vulcan are not commonly worshipped by the Tuathans.

Diety Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio Devotees
Nuada Unaligned(G) Spear Excellence, Combat, Oaths (c. Lugh) not fond of psionics
Idun (Iduin) Good .. Spring, Plants, Weather (c. Frigga)
Kos Unaligned Sword and Axe Doom, Courage Warriors, Beserkers
Oghma Unaligned(G) Quarterstaff Knowledge, Lore “Binder of Fiends”
Fenrir Unaligned(C ) Luck, Fate, Trickery Shapeshifting(c.Loki)
Vulcan Unaligned(G) Hammer Crafts, Blacksmithing
Forseti Good(L) Longsword Justice, Peace ..(Tuathan)
Frey Good(N) Greatsword Sunshine, Weather ..(Tuathan)
Freya Good(N) Frostblade Emotions, Magic, War ..(Tuathan)
Diancecht Good Quarterstaff Healing, Protection
Morrigan Unaligned Spear War, Death, Ravens
Aegir Unaligned(C ) Oceans, Rivers, Storms
Umberlee Evil .. Oceans, Depths, Undead ..
Magni Good Hammer and Fist Strength ..
The Norns Unaligned(L) Fate, Divination

The Vaesir

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