The Principality of Sarin

Population: xx,xxx
Capital: Rule (The Forbidden City, pop xx,xxx)
Government: Autocracy/Bureacracy (Sanguine Brotherhood)
Religions: The Triad, Pyremius(?)
Alignment: Evil (Lawful)



Culture: The Principality of Sarin is ruled by a hereditary leader whose bloodline and “perfection” is certified by the Sanguine Brotherhood.

The Sanguine Brotherhood is composed of citizens of pure Wensharian descent. The hierarchy of the Brotherhood is composed of monks, followed by assassins, and then thieves. This is not a hard and fast rule, as an experienced thief may hold a higher rank then a newly trained monk, making rank a better indicator of status than class. However in cases where the position is equivalent, monk outranks assassin, which outranks thief. Outside the standard hierarchy of the Brotherhood are the warriors, wizards, and priests, who are normally given a rank equivalent to their assignment, with approximately the same authority of an assassin of equal rank.

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The Principality of Sarin

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