The Draconic Dogma

ESOouroboros.pngOne of the oldest known faiths in existence, the Draconic Dogma is the belief that the three great draconic powers created and protect the cosmos.

The Draconic Dogma

Diety Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio Devotees
Bahamut Good Glaive Wind, Prophecy, Justice, Protection of the Innocent, The Cosmos Paladins, Knights, Sages
Shekinester Unaligned
Tiamat Evil Dagger Fire, Magic, Greed, Monsters, The Cosmos Knights, Warlords, Sorcerers

Followers of the faith either worship the ideals of one of the three dragon gods, or worship them all as integral parts of the functioning of the world. While Tiamat and Bahamut are usually battling across the cosmos to defeat each other’s plans, each recognizes that in the end, they share a responsibility to guard the world, though their means to this end may differ. Shekeinester mediates, manipulates, and maintains a balance.

The followers of the Draconic Dogma believe (regardless of race or heritage) that serving the ideals of one or all three of the great draconic powers will be rewarded in the afterlife with great power, and the ability to join the ranks of those protecting the cosmos. Each draconic power rewards this faith in their own way.

Bahamut maintains a realm on the second layer of Elysium, Eronia (The Platinum Heaven) amongst the hills and mountains of that realm.

Tiamat maintains a realm for her petitioners and faithful in the dark and twisting canyons of Tytherion, where they may continue to accumulate such wealth and might as lay within their power.

Little is known of the faithful of Shekinester, but her petitioners travel to the realm known as the outlands, a primeval wilderness of forests and jungles, along with many of the faithful that worshipped the dogma impartially.

The Draconic Dogma

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