The Asuradeva

Asuras are normally immortal lawful evil outsider spirits, with an extreme hatred for the divine.

Xan-Yae has three unique servant messengers formed by her hand from the spirit of three mighty asuras. Normally six-armed women with three fanged faces on their heads, these Asuradeva have only four arms, as one pair have been replaced by dark shadowy wings. They stand 7 feet tall, and wear dark colored robes of gray, white, and black.

Each Asuradeva is armed with a katanna, wakisashi, and either a falchion, a spear-staff, or shortbow.

As servants of Xan-Yai, the Asuradeva have been transformed into more neutrally aligned beings, with an inherent touch of lawfulness. It is believed that each of the Asuradeva are the patron angel of one order of the Xanian monasteries. The Angel of Guidance (staff-spear), the Angel of Judgement (falchion), and the Angel of Death (shortbow).

The Asuradeva

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