Terra Aescenda

Population: (Demographics)
Capital: Terra Ascendo (pop 20,000)
Culture: Sumerian/Late Middle Ages
Government: Autocracy/Oligarchy (Suzerain/Princes)
Religions: Elemental Cults
Alignment: Unaligned

Life and Society:
Populace: 50% human, 40% genasi (equally divided) 10% other (to include jinn). Suzerain is human cosmic sorcerer, Princes are genasi leaders of the elemental cults. Higher levels of elemental magic among populace than normal. Magical airships exist and are semi-common. Bound elementals and genies common, bound demons rarer.

Major Geographical Features: City rests on floating island above lake. Farmland and villages surround lake. Portions of the city lead to miniature valleys and forests that are larger within than the terrain they occupy on the island. Rumors of similar caves exist. Oldest buildings on island may exhibit this characteristic also, with the occasional room or wing being “re-discovered”. Within the central archive of Terra Ascendo there is rumored to be a lost library of the Ancients, where the Book of Aeons was supposedly scripted.

Important Sites:
Regional History:
Plots and Rumors:
Major NPCs/Organizations:

Terra Aescenda

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