Sigildark's 99 Sword Synopsis

Sigildark_Book_Cover.pngA large metallic covered tome with pictures of swords engraved into a bewildering pattern of swords of all types. There are precisely 100 thin metal pages in Sigildark’s 99 Supreme Swords Synopsis, the first page being an overview/index of all the following entries.

After the index the swords start off with a page long description for each of what Sigildark
believed to be the 99 most powerful swords known.

Sigildark’s 99 Supreme Swords Synopsis

to include the 5 Swords of Principle,

the 6 Swords of Elemental Force, and

the 7 Swords of Sorcerous Power

99. …
98. …
97. …

1. Oriflamme

Sigildark's 99 Sword Synopsis

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