XXXX God (35)

The Naga of Fate

Symbol: xxx
Alignment: xxx
Portfolio: xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx
Domains: xxx, xxx, xxx,
Devotees: xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx
Favored Weapon(s): xxx


Tenets of the Faith:


Shekinester is a complex, multi-faceted being.

As the Weaver she is the active destructive principle of the multiverse. Chaotic evil in alignment, the Weaver appears as a spirit naga Crone. She destroys to make room for new creations, but is also the manifestation of connections and knowledge, bringing together disparate strands of being to create new understanding.
As the Empowerer she is neutral in alignment and appears as a young water naga Maiden who may be either beautiful or ugly, with pitted skin and greasy hair. In her beautiful form she grants safe passage, while in her ugly form she draws the uninitiated into opportunities for growth. The Empowerer is the bestower of wisdom and guardian of the uninitiated and the young. She can be kind and merciful, but she may force the unwilling into harsh initiations and painful knowledge, regardless of whether they know they need it.
The Preserver manifests as a mature but lovely guardian naga Mother, lawful good in alignment. The Preserver maintains (but does not create) all existence. She is the keeper of the flame within the Court of Light, her divine realm. She is also a guardian of the spirits of the dead (normally the naga dead, but sometimes the souls of other races as allowed by other gods), gifting them with sustenance symbolized as water, fruit, and bread.



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