Powers and Deities


Common precepts about religion in Alyndrica

Religion in Alyndrica can be extremely varied in both outlook and function. However, there are several common points of reference among the populace, for the most part.

Most people believe that there are many gods (polytheism). They may not worship all or any of them, but they usually acknowledge their existence. The most common perspective is for an individual or group to follow the precepts of a particular faith, while acknowledging other deities’ influence over various spheres, such as offering a small prayer to the god of luck prior to rolling the dice.

Those that believe in a “heaven” or “hell” hold that your soul travels to its just reward based on it’s dedication (or lack there of) to the faith. When referring to heaven, most people believe it to be a light and airy place with a mountain rising into the sky. What people refer to as hell is a little more varied. Acheron is one word for hell, and describes a dark rocky wasteland of plateaus and gorges. Other people believe the shadowy realm of the death goddess, Ereshkigal to be a purgatory or hell. When discussing the “Pits of Hell” people are describing the realm of fire and brimstone, where Asmodeus and the devils, known forces of temptation and evil and foes of the gods, dwell. Finally there are the terms “The Abyss” and “Limbo” which are used somewhat interchangeably by normal people.



Powers and Deities

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