Deity Name
    Title(s) The Lord of Knowledge
    The Binder
    Power Level Standard
    Alias Name
    Alignment Unaligned
    Portfolio Knowledge
    Domains Knowledge
    Devotees Bards, Sages, Clerics
    Symbol Blank Scroll
    Favored Weapon Staff
    Realm Arvandor?

Description: Oghma is the Vaesir god of knowledge and lore. Worship of Oghma has spread across the continent of Alyfaysia, but is centered in the area of the Feudal Kingdoms, and dwarven or Korsic barbarian homelands. Oghmanian priests consider themselves librarians, and work to collect and store knowledge of all types. Oghma is also often worshipped by bards and skalds, due to their interest in lore and tales. Worshippers of all alignments may be followers of Oghma, as long as knowledge is their guiding philosophy, although evil followers are a minority.

Oghma, while neutral, is a staunch opponent of all demons and their ilk. He is known as The Binder for his ability to imprison and/or banish demonic foes. Some of his clerics focus on this aspect of his portfolio, while maintaining a philosophy of knowledge.



Avatar and Manifestations:

Oghma_A.jpgOghma is usually depicted as a stout, white haired and bearded dwarf or human, wearing leather armor and carrying a staff and and a harp or other musical instrument.

Servants and Emissaries:

Faith and Clergy

Tenets of the Faith:

  • Spread knowledge wherever it is prudent to do so. Curb and deny falsehoods, rumor, and deceitful tales whenever you encounter them.
  • Knowledge is power and must be used with care, but hiding it away from others is never a good thing.
  • Never slay a singer, nor stand by as others do so.
  • Oppose demons in all their incarnations. Bind, Banish, or Destroy them.

Domains: Knowledge

Important Ceremonies/Holy Days:

Major Centers of Worship:

Affiliated Orders:

Unique Spells and Powers:



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