Natural Creatures


Monstrous Races


Snow Beast: A type of saber tooth tiger that hibernates in the summer and is only seen in the cold winter months. It’s fur is snow white and has been known to stalk it’s prey in pairs, one flushing the prey to the other.

Trinoc: Trinocs are uncommon beasts of burden. They resemble a rhino with three horns, two above its eyes and one on its nose. Rumored to be semi-intelligent, but grumpy unless fed treats (love apples). Trinoc have been rumored to have a childlike sense of morality. Extremely dangerous when angered, entering a beserk state.

Use stats for Rhino with an INT of 3 or 4 (rare).


Rock Climbing Rattlesnake: A type of rattlesnake that is found in hilly and mountainous terrain, fond of basking in the sun, and capable of climbing the sheerest rock faces.


Insects and Spiders

Bookscorpion: A small scorpion that has been known to nest within old, disused libraries.

Tyranthraxus.jpg Tyranthraxus: A small fast spider with extremely deadly poison.
(Old Stats)
Type, Injury DC 20, Initial Damage, 3d6 CON, Secondary Damage 1 CON*
HD ¼ (1 hp), Init +7 (Dex, Improved Init)
Speed 30, Climb 30, AC 18, Attack Bite +4,
Damage 1 point + poison.



Natural Creatures

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