Multiverse Structure

A multitude of stars and planets form the basis of the cosmos, or the Million Spheres as it sometimes called. The cosmos is a little like our galaxy except that each world represents a solar system. But before the formation of the cosmos, reality was everything and nothing, for time and space did not exist. At the birth of the cosmos a pattern was overlaid across the forces of matter and energy, and time and space began to have meaning. This pattern started the turning and drifting of the stars and planes in their endless dance and set the cosmos into its basic framework.

Structure of the Cosmos

The cosmos is divided into four main areas, the Material Plane, the Inner Planes, the Astral Plane, and Limbo.

There are two parallel planes, that mirror significant locations and features of the worlds of the cosmos, the Faerie Realm, and the Shadowlands.


Multiverse Structure

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