Languages and Scripts

Trade Tongue

All the speaking races of Alfaysia have a native tongue that they communicate in. Trade Tongue (Common) is believed to originated with an ancient and widespread human trading empire now forgotten. Its use is limited to simple concepts and things that travelers would discuss, i.e. ordering food, talking about the weather, buying and selling. As such, it is sometimes looked upon with disdain by many elder or non-human races.

Trade Tongue uses the common alphabet that forms the basis for most human and gnome regional languages, but is mainly a spoken language. Since Trade is rarely written, most areas catering to travelers use some form of pictorial advertisement.

The farther one travels away from the bigger towns and cities, and into provincial backwaters, the less likely they are to find someone fluent in Trade Tongue.

Languages and Scripts

  • Remnants of The Old Tongue are used throughout the region of the ancient Wensharian Empire, although it is no longer used as a spoken language.
  • Humans and gnomes normally speak the prevalent language of their regional area, using the common alphabet (script) that forms the basis for most human and gnome regional languages.
  • Demihumans and other races normally speak their racial language, and have their own alphabet.
  • Scripts marked with an asterisk may be based on a language other than english

Common Languages

Language Spoken in… Script
Anguisian Anguis Imperium, Principality of Sarin Common
Arapi spoken by various nomad clans Common*
Calendish Barbary Coast, Kyriea, Sidheon, Valista Common (cursive)
Dwarven (Dethek) Dwarves, Korsic Barbarians Dethek*
Elven (Alfar) Elves, Eladrin Alfar*
Giant (Davek) Giants, Ogres, Fomorians, Goliath, Brutemen Davek*
Goblin Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears local*
Kyriean a form of High Calendish Common (cursive)
Wensharian Varencia, Crondor, Sunaria, Rel Astra, Landfall Common
Wensharian, Ancient as Wensharian and Anguisian, nobility, scholars Common*
Zyngdyshir *
* script not based on english

Exotic Languages

Language Spoken in… Script
Abyssal Demons, Gnolls (dialect) Abyssal
Aquan water dialect of Primordial Primordial*
Auran air dialect of Primordial Primordial*
Ignan fire dialect of Primordial Primordial*
Terran earth dialect of Primordial Primordial*
Daedric Daedra, Elemental and human servants Daedric*
Draconic Dragons, Dragonkin, Mystic Creatures Cuneiform*
Druasian Elvish dialect spoken by the dark elves Barazad*
Supernal Angels, Devils, Gods Angelic*
Sylvan Fey and Magical beasts Sylvan*

Old Languages

Language Spoken in… Script
Anglic semi-lost language from pre-Wenshar Common*
Gaelic lost language of the Tar Novan kingdoms Common
Istian lost language of the Istian prophets
Primordial ancient language of the primordials Primordial*

Secret or Dead Languages

Language Spoken in… Script
Alchemy written Alchemy*
Alyndyxarian Theban*
Anarchian denizens of Limbo ??
Axiom Modrons Algrebra
Druidic secret language of the druids Druidic*
Deep Speech Aboleths, Illithids, Gith, Kuo-toa Atlan*
Pantathian Spoken by serpent people / Yuan-ti Senth*
Qualith written only (Mind Flayers) Qualith*

Listed below are the examples of the major scripts used across the world of Alyndrica. Scripts can be independent of language, a draconic phrase could be written in common script, requiring the reader to be familiar with both languages.

Language and Script Examples

Languages and Scripts

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