Kobold Quarry

1: Located directly beneath the abandoned mining buildings on the eastern edge of the quarry is the main lair of the kobold clans. The main opening is located 100’ down in the side of the quarry wall, although numerous small twisting passages lead up into the basements of the old buildings above. On either side of the main entrance platform are 20 foot wide stone stair cases leading up to the edge of the quarry. Throughout the main warren lie crumbling underground buildings and myriad small passages. The ceiling in the main cavern area is normally around 15 to 20 high.

2: At the back of the main warrens lies a fairly well laid out passage leading down to a smaller cavern complex, previously used by the leadership of the quarry as their base of operations. Today whatever clan of kobolds is predominant in the leadership of the warrens uses the outlying buildings as their territory, and the main building as a kobold palace of sorts.

3: This 20’ wide hallway with a 10’ ceiling leads out of the main kobold complex and inside the quarry walls along the edge. It has been named the Sinking Hall since it dips down to a mere 100’ above the surface of the quarry before rising back to near the surface on the western half. Small side passages and stairs leading up or down to abandoned rooms exist along its entire length. At some points the hall gets close enough to the edge of the quarry to have an opening in the stone act as a window or small doorway into the hall. These openings vary in height from the quarry edge and the surface of the water.

After leaving the main kobold warrens the hall turns north to follow the edge of the quarry. At this point a circular stairway on the right leads up 100’ through the rock up to the surface, ending in a large 50’ platform with crumbling waist high walls overlooking the depths of the quarry. The kobolds sometimes use this area for ceremonies or for throwing sacrifices over the edge.

4: Similar in nature to the Sinking Hall, this hallway has been named the Noble’s Walk. At various points along the hallway, some craftsman decided to create little atriums and overlooks with marble columns that would allow a traveler to stop and stare out at the beauty of the quarry and its waterfall along the northwest side.

5: Halfway along the Noble’s Walk directly in the middle of the southern half of the quarry walls lies a crossroads. To the north is a larger more stylish overlook 75’ across with worn stone benches lining the walls and the weathered forms of old unrecognizable statues. The southern branch of the crossroads widens into a hallway 25’ wide with artistic stonework murals along either side. This hallway leads into what may have been the main market place of the quarry during its height of prosperity. The cavern’s ceiling looms 100’ above the floor of the cavern, and some of the buildings that have not crumbled or collapsed nearly reach that height. Other buildings are partly or completely collapsed, making the floor of the cavern an unrecognizable maze of rubble and stone. In some places remnants of a passage between buildings may remain, but most of the area is mazelike in nature, hence the nickname the Trader’s Maze. Midway along the sides of the cavern are two large passages that lead out of the area. (Area 10 and 12)

6: This area is an open air pit where the roof of a two story building has collapsed. A stairway along the west side of the pit leads down into the rubble. This acts as a secondary entrance to the quarry complex. At the bottom of this entrance is where the ends of the Sinking Hall and the Noble’s Walk meet.

7: This area of three caverns lies 100’ to 200’ below the surface of the ground. The southern and eastern caverns have large stone doors that are normally closed and barred from the outside. Apparently, the kobolds and other inhabitants of the quarry feel that these caverns are dangerous and cursed. Explorers who have entered these caves find that interior of the eastern cavern resembles a chapel or temple, and the southern cavern is lines with tombs, ossuaries, and crypts. Passages from both of these areas lead to a third passage and a large stone door that no one has opened in ages. Exploring side passages and tunneling have also failed to gain entry to the third cavern.

8: On the northern edge of the quarry, halfway along the Sinking Hall at its lowest points is a northern passage. The passage winds it way through a granite like rock unlike the rest of the quarry. Eventually flecks of quartz can be seen within the walls of the passage. Eventually the passage opens up into a large chamber with a 50’ ceiling. Within this chamber are angular formations of rock and quartz crystals, some fairly large. Most of the quartz is of a amber/golden color, with some having a blue tint. At the rear of the cavern, not apparent to the casual eye, a small twisting passage leads out of the chamber and down.

9: Descending further into the depths of the quarry you come to another chamber of quarts and crystal. Even the stalactites and stalagmites appears to have formed from the blue and amber crystal. On occasion you also find greenish quartz, and the rare vein of some type of jade like substance.

10: Following the eastern passage out of the Trader’s Maze, you descend into the depths and come to a damp puddle and pool filled cavern dripping with moisture. Various types of slime and fungi lines the walls and the edges of the pools, with a vine like substance festooned across the ceiling. Rumor has it that troglodytes come here to fish, using the twisting smaller passages leading from remote underground caverns. A rapidly moving stream about waist deep rushes out of the northern portion of this caverns and heads into the depths.

11: The stream from Area 10 leads to this cavern. In the center of the cavern is a deep pool of water. Caverns beyond the pool lead to the north east and south east. There is a very faint breeze blowing out of the main cavern into the two passages.

12: A large stone bridge 20’ across spans this enormous chasm in the ground. Darkness lines the depths to the reach of any torch light. From the north comes the sound of a waterfall. On ether side of the bridge, built almost like guard houses are two large fortress like buildings.

13: This chamber is only a rumor to most. Legends say that one of the curses of the quarry was to dig to deep and find that which should have remained buried. Supposedly called the Star Hall for the enormous five pointed star on the floor of this chamber, no one knows just which passage could or does lead to this area, and many who have tried to map their way to the area have not returned. But people continue to try because the room is said to be the treasure chamber of an ancient race from before our civilization.

14: A hidden mirror like sheets of quartz disguises the passageway to this area to all but the most perceptive. After descending even further through quartz filled rocky passages, one comes to a round area with almost solid sheets of glass like quartz composing the walls, celling, and floor of the area. A pathway has been laid with colored tiles of quartz to a pedestal in the center of the room. From the pedestal, the musically inclined can tell that the room is acoustically perfect for playing various types of music.

Kobold Quarry

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