Imperial Temple

Gods of Justice, Wisdom, and Liberty Sword and scales seal

Alignment: Varied

Description: The Imperial gods are the powers of justice, wisdom, and liberty that helped the Varencian Empire overthrow the ancient Wensharians. They are led by Mithral and his daughter Minerva.

The deities of the Imperial faith deal with the governing of society, and the well being of the people. They believe in freedom and rights, with a code of laws designed to bring about greater good for society and individuals. Worshippers of the Imperial faith come from all walks of life, with the Imperial Temple and it’s various Fraternity Orders being the largest single faith in Varencia.

  • Uphold the highest values of honor and justice.
  • Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order.
  • Be strong and wise in all things.

The clerics and priests of the Imperial Temple have a multi layered hierarchy of ranks and responsibilities. The ranks run from Clericus (priest/student), Ceptor (priest/teacher) Praeceptor (priest/leader), to Primarch (arch-leaders). The overall leader of the Imperial Temple (when there is one) is called the Primarex. Outside the hierarchy are the Incantor and Praecantor (arcane scholars) and the Auruspex (prophets/seers/mystics).

Imperial Temple

Deity Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio Devotees
Mithral Lawful Good Longsword Justice, Truth, Protection Warriors, Paladins, Leaders
Minerva Good Spear/Shield Wisdom, Crafts Clerics, Sages, Craftsmen, Merchants
Hecate Evil Scimitar Moon, Magic, Plenty Wizards, Clerics, Druids, Witches, Farmers
Janus Unaligned(L) Dagger or Gladius Merchants, Trade, Duplicity Merchants, Rogues
Trithereon Good Sword, Spear, Scepter Heroes, Liberty, Retribution Heroes, Rangers, Knights
Vestia Good Quarterstaff Purity, Healing Clerics, Healers
The Furies Unaligned Flail Punishment, Vengeance, Fate cautiously respected

Dogma: Followers of the Imperial Temple feel they must live up to a standard, as dictated by the canon of the church. The lands of Elysium are where the souls of the just travel to upon their death, to join the ranks of the aasimon, and protect the common good of the heavens. Those not blessed to join the ranks of the aasimon may qualify to become one with the lands of the heavens, while those who pervert the cause of the faith, or turn their backs upon it, either wander aimlessly, or fall prey to the temptations of devils and fiends.

Imperial Muses

Name Portfolio
Aoide Music
Melete Practice
Mneme Memory
Calliope Poetry
Clio Invention
Fiera Fire
Kephiso Math


Imperial Temple

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