Immortals and Powers

Arch Fey

Archfey live mostly in the Faerie Realm and are all-but-totally-powerful. They have godlike powers and rule over the various and plentiful Fey Courts. The Summer Court, The Gloaming Court, The Winter Court, The Court of the Long Night, etc…

Gods are more powerful and derive power from their followers, but Archfey do not necessarily. They tend to derive their power from being an embodiment of a fey or natural aspect or quality.

Arch Fey
Power Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio Title
Titania Unaligned(G) Sword Arch Fey Queen
Oberon Unaligned(G) Sword Arch Fey Lord
Queen of Air and Darkness Evil
Prince of Frost Unaligned Arch Fey
Bramble Queen Evil?

Immortals/Quasi Deities

Unique beings that blur the line between power and divinity

Power Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio Title
Wastri Unaligned(E) frogs, amphibs, racism The Hopping Prophet

Demon Power Favored Weapon Portfolio Devotees
Akivasha Unique(35) Primeval? Symbol:Biohazard Death, Destruction, Regeneration, Blood, Beasts Vampires, Lycanthropes, Monsters, Beasts
Dagon Prince(34) Aboleth?
Orcus Prince(33) Mace Undead, Demons
Pazuzu Prince(33) Wind, Temptation, Disease
Demogorgon Prince(33)? allied with Dagon? hence tentacles
Graz’zt Prince(35) Primeval? Witches
Loltharana Daemonis Princess(31) Dark Elves
Azi Dahaka Lord(30) Storms, Destruction
Queen of Chaos Lady(30)
Erythnul Lord(30)? “The Many”… Terror, Hate, Slaughter Evil combatants, humanoids
Baphomet Lord(28) Primeval?
Torog torturers, jailors
Fraz Urblu Lord(26) Deception
Nhakhramat Lady(25) Serpents, Magic, Knowledge Marilith plus
Alucruor Lady(25) Blood magic, lycanthropy servant of Akivasha, witches
Tenebrous Lord(25) “The Demon Shadow” Darkness, Shadows Druas mainly

Name Power Plane Portfolio Devotees
Aaman Duke(25) Avernus(1) War, Violence, “The Destroyer”
Moloche Duke(25) Dis(2) Knowledge, Secrets, Curses Witches
Furcas (20) Dis Rhetoric, Knowledge ..
Thamuz Duke(25) Minaros(3) Emotions, Desires, Greed
Nergal Duke(26) Phelegethos(4) Cruelty, Pain, Death, “The Executioner”
Baal Duke(26) Stygia(5) Storms, Elements Witches
Shax Duke(27) Malboge(6) Illusions, Dreams, Magic Witches
Astorath Duke(27) Maladomini(7) Hopelessness, “The Imprisoner”
Mephistopheles Duke(28) Cainia(8)
Asmodeus Arch(30) Nessus(9)

Irin (The Watchers)
Name Power Plane Portfolio Devotees

Immortals and Powers

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