Humans are the most populous race on the continent of Alyndrica and are spread out over the land. The major kingdoms and empires are run and populated by humans. Most humans are of generic descent and their customs and attitudes are derived from their homelands, but several distinct racial bloodlines do exist. “Common” humans may have any appearance, though naturally families look similar.

Humans have a reputation for being jacks of all trades and being good at nearly anything they try. Some other races sometimes feel that humans have a reputation for dealing with anyone in search of money or profit, and a proclivity for creating half-breeds.

Race alyn female


Most Alyns have blond or white hair, with blue or gray eyes, and tend to be tall and muscular. The Alyn are a race of humans that claim descent from the ancient kingdom of Wenshar, the first kingdom to conquer the majority of the continent of Alyndrica. Some noble houses and families of nearly pure blood still claim descent from the Wensharian Empire. Alyns can be found nearly anywhere on the continent but the majority of Alyns can be found in the kingdoms of Varencia, Crondor, and the Anguis Imperium (where the ruling class is nearly all Alyn). Most fullblooded Alyns have a noble temperament.

Ability Score Increase. Increase Strength and Inteligence by 1.
Size. Alyns add an extra die to height and weight rolls.
Skills. Choose Athletics or Arcana.
Feat. Choose Magic Initiate or Martial Adept
Common Backgrounds.

Race novan male


Novans normally have tanned skin, with black or brown hair and blue eyes. The Novans are the race that populated the areas south of the central Alyndrica. They are mainly found in the area stretching from Rel Astra through Landfall and Sunaria. They are mostly of even temperament, practical, and stick together.

Ability Score Increase. Increase Constitution and Wisdom by 1.
Skills. Choose Insight or Animal Handling.
Feat. Choose Durable or Observant
Common Backgrounds.

Race nomadic male


Are culturally diverse, ranging from tanned skin, to copper colored, to dark brown skin, with usually dark brown or black hair. Eyes range from black, to brown, to green eyes. While the Nomadic people originated as clans of hunters and gatherers, don’t be misled by their name, just as many nobles within the kingdoms have nomadic ancestry as there are still wandering tribes in the Arboreal Highlands. Nomadic people tend to enjoy living in harmony with the land. They also have a reputation for boldness.

Ability Score Increase. Increase Strength and Wisdom by 1.
Skills. Choose Animal Handling or Survival.
Feat. Choose Alertness or Resilient.
Common Backgrounds.

Race nomadic m f

Wu jen


The Shaelyn people are closely related to Alyns, but with darker complexions, their hair is black, and their skin is either tanned or slightly golden. Their culture existed prior to that of Wenshar, but they were absorbed into the empire in its early years. They are a meditative and spiritual race, although they can be hot-blooded. They favor artistic pursuits and the striving for perfection. Scattered families and clans can be found throughout Alyndrica, though most Shaelyn faded away prior to the the decline of the Wensharian empire.

Ability Score Increase. Increase wisdom and Charisma by 1.
Skills. Choose Perception or Performance.
Feat. Choose Skilled or Weapon Master.
Common Backgrounds.

Race tuathan fem 02


Tuathans are said to have developed from the mingling of an ancient Novan kingdom and several Korsic barbarian clans. They are normally red or brown haired, with the occasional blonde. Their skin color ranges from pale white to tan. Eyes are normally green or blue. The Tuathans settled in the areas of Sidheon and Valista after some fell disaster caused them to flee their homeland on the southern coasts. They are usually a mystical and spiritual people on good terms with their natural surroundings and the elvish races.

Ability Score Increase. Increase Intelligence and Wisdom by 1.
Skills. Choose Nature or Survival.
Feat. Choose Durable or Resilient.
Common Backgrounds.

Race korsic male

Korsic Barbarians

Korsics are usually muscular with fair skin, blonde to red hair, and brown eyes. They are a rough barbarian race, fond of combat and raiding. Their origins are from the continent of Keflavik, along with the dwarves. They can be found there and scattered along the coastline from Landfall to Kyriea.

Ability Score Increase. Increase Strength and Constitution by 1.
Size. Alyns add an extra die to height and weight rolls.
Skills. Choose Athletics or Survival.
Feat. Choose Durable or Savage Attacker.
Common Backgrounds. Korsic barbarian sorcerers are almost always dragon sorcerers. They have several famous traditions and ancient lodges composed of dragon sorcerers.

Race korsic fem

Vistani2.jpg Vistani

Ability Score Increase. Increase Wisdom and Charisma by 1.
Skills. Choose Insight or Deception.
Feat. Choose Actor or Lucky.
Common Backgrounds.





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