Haggle and Bargain

These rules are meant to give a character the option to haggle or bargain, and not bog down gameplay.


Starting price for any item is the cost/base price listed in the Pathfinder Reference Document This is the price the item is sold at (see note below) if the player is not interested in bargaining. Some localities have a modifier to the base price of goods based on rarity or value in that area.

A merchant’s minimum price that he will not drop below is normally 75% (note: unless there are DM approved story reasons, such as saving his daughter from the dragon).

Most merchant’s starting attitudes are indifferent, if this can be raised to friendly (see diplomacy chart ) than the merchant will lower the price by 10%. For every five points the DC (see below) is exceeded, the price is lowered another 5%, to the max of 75%. For every five points the DC is failed, the price is raised 5%.

The starting DC for an indifferent merchant equals DC 15 + Cha mod + level.

Helpful Skills

Appraise will tell the value of an item, giving a +2 to the diplomacy check.

A successful bluff on the seller’s part will raise the DC by 2. (Opposed by Sense Motive)

Haggle and Bargain

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