Alyndrica is home to several varieties of elves (Alfar, as they call themselves), the origins of which are unknown to most folk. Forest elves are the most common, followed by high elves (Eladrin), dark elves (Druas), and the least common, the sea elves (Mar’Eladrin).

Alfar are extremely long lived, but never really show their age until they reach venerable, and even then it is not as apparent as it is in other races, giving rise to the legends of elves being ageless and immortal.

Actually most elves don’t die due to old age, sometime around their first century after reaching venerable, they grow content/tired with their life and either fade away into the forest, or set sail to the shores of Arvandor. A few unique and rare individuals with a strong sense of purpose may choose to remain in the world for several more centuries.

Forest Elves

The forest elves live in secluded communities among the forests and trees of the world. They live in close harmony with nature and their surroundings. Forest elves (Sylvan Alfar) are the most widespread and common type of elf. They can be found nearly anywhere elves are found. They are slender, pale-skinned, with brown or black hair, and green or yellow eyes. They prefer to wear pastel or woodland colors.

The majority of forest elves revere the spirits of nature, the world, and their ancestors. Forest elves believe all spirits are connected and that when they die, they return to the spirit of the world, or Gaia, as they name her. As a result, shaman (speakers as they are commonly called) and druids are the primary religious figures in a forest elf community. In some areas followers of elvish hero-deities or fey powers have formed small sects or temples dedicated to their patron.

High Elves

High Elven (Eladrin) society straddles the boundary between the Feywild and the natural world. They are creatures of magic with strong ties to nature. Contrary to popular belief, high elves are not necessarily a “race” as most creatures would assume. Over time a forest elf may gain a certain viewpoint on life and change, assuming the form of an eladrin. Most elves believe that those that are eladrin are on a “spiritual” journey and the changes in their form are indicative of this. Coupled with the idea that some elves don’t die, but transcend their mortal form and sail to the Blessed Isles, gives many of the elvish people an interesting view of life and mortality.

High Elves, as the eladrin are known, are normally the royalty of the elvish clans, and are treated as such whether or not they are in a position of authority. Clans of eladrin can be found secluded within elvish homelands, with individuals found throughout elvish society. They are considered the truest and purist form of elf, which can make them seem aloof and uncaring. The eladrin tend to intellectual pursuits, though perfection with the sword is considered a worthy goal. They are slender, with silver hair and amber eyes, or light gold hair with violet eyes. Eladrin like to dress in white, silver, or golden yellow, with cloaks of dark tones such as deep blue or purple shades.

Most high elves worship the elvish hero-deity that personifies the aesthetic philosophy they are most in tune with. Eladrin seek to exemplify grace, skill, and learning in every part of life.

Dark Elves (Druas)

Druasian elves are an offshoot of the eladrin race that worships demons and demonic spirits. They have forsaken the primal spirits of life and attempt to corrupt and rule the world around them. They live in dark mist shrouded forests and caverns in scattered communities throughout the world. Some larger communities have built eerily beautiful cities deep within secluded areas.

The Druas or Dark Alfar are the evil side of the elvish races. As such all the rest of elvenkind shuns them. Most clans are found living nocturnal lives in dark or mist shrouded forests. They are gray to black skinned, with black, silver, or golden (rarely) hair, and dark eyes.

Sea Elves (Mar’Alfar)

The mysterious Mar’Alfar are a race of elves that live beneath the oceans and seas of the world. Even many elves have never seen a sea elf. They can travel on land for a number of days equal to twice their Con score, and can survive in fresh water as well as salt. They are rumored to be powerful warriors and wizards. They have greenish silver to pale blue skin, with emerald green to blue hair, and eyes of blue or green. They gain a +1 to hit with spears and short or long swords and have double the base age and age variable.



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