936x1248_1330_Fantasy_load_2d_fantasy_dwarf_warrior_picture_image_digital_art.jpgDwarves originate from another land or world that they fled from for an unknown reason. Some Korsic barbarians (humans) came with them or followed them. The dwarves settled hills and mountains in isolated areas throughout the new lands.

The humans (Korsic barbarians) followed the dwarves to the new land just south of the main continent. From there they spread out along the southern coastline of Alyndrica (way south past Varencia) in small coastal fishing villages, or small independent cities.

Dwarves, and their human barbarian brothers share a common ancestry and can be found in small amounts anywhere (mainly around the central sea). Some dwarves are very civilized and formal, others form clans alongside the barbarians. Both groups have been known to be possessed by the Spirit of Fury.

Dwarves are divided into two categories, Mountain dwarves that leave deep under the ground in massive citadels, and Hill dwarves, that live above ground in hilly or mountainous areas in communities of stone buildings. Dwarves worship the foreign deities of their fathers, known as the Vaesir, primarily Vulcan, god of the forge/crafts, and Oghma, God of Knowledge.

The Vaesir

Mountain dwarves are famous for large scale engineering and mechanisms. They utilize a form of clockwork/gearing that has not been replicated to this day. They build such things as hydro dams or volcanic heat sinks to turn the enormous gears and run self opening gates, elevators, pump air etc.

Dwarves gain the Craftsman racial trait in addition to normal dwarven racial abilities (not in place of).

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Dwarven Wizards

They say there used to be dwarven wizards back in the ages past. Something bad happened, and now there aren’t any. And considering the subject is taboo to dwarves of the current age (who may not even know why), if a dwarven wizard was to exist, they would probably be shunned and persecuted.




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