True Dragons…for dragon like beasts and monsters see Dragonkin

Note: Every dragon is unique. Those below are in game examples.

Neolithic Bronze Great Wyrm


The oldest dragon in Alyndrica, Neolithic carved the original Dragon Throne for the kings of Wensharia, and forged the alliance with the bronze dragon clans. Bronze dragon young served the Wensharians until their age of decadence, at which point Neolithic and the dragons left Wensharia. During the Wensharian civil war a great hero was rumored to have quested for Neolithic’s sleeping place under a lake somwhere in Wensharia and the young dragons returned to fight on the side of the heroic rebels, but Neolithic has never been seen again.

Conundrum Copper Great Wyrm


Lairing somewhere in the Skalteran mountains, Conundrum may be the second oldest dragon in Alyndrica. It is rumored that she helped found the great bardic colleges of Sidheon. Knowledge, riddles, and cryptic answers to questions are what earned her name. It is said she wanders the land in disguise, looking for people with a gift for riddles, that she takes back to her hidden tower and teaches the secrets of the universe. The Great Riddlemaster Hedron was said to be taught by her.

Mrykjartan Electrum Great Wyrm

Electrum dragon

The last remaining electrum dragon that he knows of, Mrykjartan lairs in the ruins of Sentrus Magicus, where he warns away what adventurers he can. Very wise and knowledgeable of ancient history, perhaps the only being to know the full history of Alyndrica. (Knowledge he rarely gives out)

Incandescos Red Great Wrym

Red dragon

Lives somewhere in the eastern reaches of Alyndrica. Prominent many years ago, recently only seen by adventurers in the Vehementer Forest. Possibly one of the evilest dragons on the plane, certainly one of the most powerful.

Noir Black Great Wyrm

Dragon scary

Lives in the swampy northern reaches of the forest near the Letalis desert. Wakens on occasion and makes raids on the surrounding lands. Reputed to have mastered necromancy, having plundered the secrets of the Morganti Valley.

Bane Green Great Wyrm

Green dragon by ben wootten

Lairs in the Venifica Forest, near the edge of the Skulen Hills and Shandrilar. A stealthy hunter, and crafty layer of traps. Has monsters from the Skulen Hills in his employ. Has flown into Northern Varencia, and Shandrilar occasionally to raid cattle and instill a proper sense of fear into the populace. It’s said the forest is his eyes, for he has some power over the land.

Cumulous Storm Great Wrym

Storm dragon by jrcoffroniii d58wogk

Lairs on a mountain top near Storm Point, a treacherous reef filled area jutting out into Falco Bay from the Olag-Hai hills. The area near his lair is nearly always filled with thunderstorms and rain. He may rescue a ship that he notices running aground, depending on his mood. His control over the weather is reputed to be near godlike. It is said he once caused a hurricane that destroyed a coastal kingdom near today’s realm of Sunaria, because they attempted to rob his lair.

Vashrak Sea Great Wyrm


Rules an undersea realm in the Vermis Bay, and has as long as anyone can remember. She is an evil tempered beast but normally will let ships pass once they have paid proper tribute.

Luminos Silver Great Wrym

Silver dragon

Wanders thru the lands of Aeveroigne and Kyriea, up and down the Barbary Coast. Ancient and wise, Luminos guides adventurers and heroes when he can, and fights a constant war against evil. Bitter rivals with Nightwing.

Nightwing Shadow Great Wyrm

Shadow dragon by ascynd d46ozu0

Nightwing is an evil dragon that came to this plane during the sphere wars. No one knows where her lair is, in fact she has several, allowing her to spread her influence over a greater area. Her main lair is in some ruins in the Mistweb forest, but she has been rumored to have been seen as far away as Sunaria. Bitter rivals with Luminos.

Rathlind, Clever Serpent Elder Blue Dragon

Blue dragon by ben wootten

Rathlind lairs in the edges of the Blasted Plateau, near the Trollfen forest. She is an extremely clever and wicked creature, very fond of hunting. She has several children whom she rules over with an iron grip.

Jadejax Green Mature Adult

Green dragon b

Jadejax is the epitome of a green dragon, bad tempered, rude, cruel and mean. She has established her territory over a good portion of the ruins of Cal Trinion and the surrounding forest. She has enslaved the remmants of the Caldran tribes and several gnoll clans pay tribute to her as well. Jadejax was born with the rare dragonish ability to shapechange, though the only form she can assume is that of an attractive 1/2 elf female dressed in green.



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