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Dragonkin can breed with each other, or spring from various dragon clutches.

Wyverns: Normal and Land Wyverns.
Drakes: The small winged ones are called drakelings. Also there are Ambush Drakes and Guard Drakes. Drakes themselves are the wingless barely intelligent spawn of dragons. They are normally Large or Huge creatures that have no breath weapon and are represented by young or adult dragon stats.
Dragonne: rename?, move to magical beasts?

Linnorm are a race of bestial but intelligent and crafty dragons from another world.

My preference is to leave deities out of the racial origins as much as possible.

For dragonborn, I’d credit their rise to the effect dragons (as legendary creatures) have on their environment. Just like a black dragon’s presence slowly infects the landscape around it, creating acidic bogs, etc, so too does its presence “manifests” in the creatures that live near its lair. If the lair is close enough to humanoid settlements, children with draconic characteristics start being born (some are sorcerers, some have merely cosmetic changes…). These eventually gave rise to full dragonborn.

Of course, these births are a sure sign that a dragon lairs nearby, so benevolent dragons often choose to lair far from civilized lands, while an evil dragon’s presence may end up displacing an entire village who tries to avoid these draconic births. Perhaps the true dragonborn arise from the ranks of creatures that have a history of revering and serving dragons, such as lizardfolk and kobolds (and their name could be “krolli”).

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