Celestian symbol

Elder Power
Lessor god (30)

The Star Wanderer

Symbol: Seven Stars
Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Stars, Travelers, Magic
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Travel
Devotees: xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx
Favored Weapon(s): xxx

Description: Celestian is a god that favors seekers, especially those of knowledge. He is a god of stars and the Astral Sea. As such he seeks out and guides those who would learn the inner workings of the cosmos, the flow and the shift of the heavenly bodies, and the secretive routes of travel across the planes. Worship of Celestian is mainly confined to scholars, sages, and wandering souls. Celestian appears as a tall lean man of middle years. His skin is of ebony hue and smooth. His eyes are the same color as his skin. He is quick and absolutely silent in his movements. His garments are of deep black, decorated with his symbol of seven stars, blazing with the colors of distant suns. He is the patron of travelers and planewalkers. He has some connection to the goddess Istus, Lady of Fate.

Tenets of the Faith:

  • Always seek knowledge and wisdom in your travels, acting as a guide to those who also seek.
  • Wander and travel to unknown lands, the learning of new paths adds to our understanding of the world and the cosmos.
  • Acquisition of arcane lore and magic that aids travel are key goals to the church, and such knowledge should be added to our collective wisdom.




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