Brotherhood of Steel

Bo s logoThe Brotherhood of Steel is a religion based on applying the precepts of innovation to the spheres of combat, protection, and artifice. Many of their churches double as mercenary companies. Most recent improvements in military technology have come from their forges.
Followers of the Brotherhood of Steel are expected as a minimum to be trained in the use of the sword, and be proficient in siege craft. They occasionally combine steel and iron with gears and engines seemingly powered by lightning. The dictates of the church are thus;

  • Know the enemy and know yourself and you will win the battle.
  • Superior technology, tactics, and preparation, will carry you through any situation.
  • Treat all who carry the sword as brothers, even as you meet them on the battlefield.
Diety Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio Devotees
Tvashtri Unaligned Rod and Fan Crafts, Artifice, Knowledge
Raiden Unaligned Quarterstaff Storms, Combat, Protection
Kelanen Unaligned Sword Swords, Combat



Brotherhood of Steel

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