Arcane Order (College of Wizardry)

A college of wizards called the Arcane Order, founded upon the premise of researching and re-discovering the lost lore of the Language Primeval.

Signature Abilities:

Spellcrux Focus: A focus item that is attuned to the wizard and the Spellcrux artifact located within the college. The focus allows a wizard to “pull” spells of third level or less through the focus and have them replace a spell on their prepared list (if the spell had not been used since the last long rest) Once three spells have been swapped in this manner, the ability no longer works until the wizard “pays back” the borrowed spells by expending equivalent spell slots back through the focus.

Sorcery Points: Upon reaching 11th level, a wizard of the Arcane Order can use the power of the Spellcrux and their knowledge of the First Lore to gain sorcery points and use them as if they were a 1st level sorcerer. Each level of wizard raises the equivalent level of sorcerer for sorcery points and meta magic.

Arcane Order (College of Wizardry)

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