Game Session 27 Nov 10

Game began 15 Novus, 507 BE (Year of the Sun)

PCs began separated from one another and unknown to each other in the town of Foyer. The Horse Guard, stationed in Foyer, requested assistance scouting the Northern portions of the Wyvern Forest for elements of the Anguis Imperium. Kriven hired on as a mercenary and Arn provided assistance in the name of the new temple of Bahamut. Redargon joined the quest to gain assistance scouting out an old battlefield, Valhingin Graveyard, for the final resting place of a Wensharian Battlewizard (Rakul Infernus). Prior to joining the expedition North, Redargon enlisted the aid of Marik. Marik professed to be a scout familiar with the paths to the Valhingin Graveyard.

The morning of 16 Novus, 507 BE, the band met with Sgt Ahtarms of the Horse Guard for a final send off. The Horse Guard added three additional individuals to the party (Garibaldi, Clarence and Natalie) and agreed to provide 20gp/each for all party members returning from the expedition. A party of seven left the village of Foyer at approximately 0600 and Arn, priest of Bahamut, was proclaimed the leader of the band.

The party traveled along the well worn trading road between Foyer and Canticle to the edge of the forest. At the edge of the forest, the party met a couple of peddlers heading to Foyer. The peddlers reported the road ahead as being free of danger. The party continued into the forest, following the trade route to Canticle. Approximately 1500, at a junction in the river, the party met Tantra. She offered to provide directions to Valhingin Graveyard through the wilderness; reducing the travel time by hours. The party decided to trust Tantra as Marik and Redargen both knew her as the daughter of Sgt Ahtarms of the Horse Guard.

As dusk was approaching, Tantra spotted a Wyvern in the sky and it attacked the group. The group successfully vanquished the Wyvern and moved away from the site of battle to make a camp for the night. The night passed without incident and the party continued to press toward the graveyard early on 17 Novus.

An hour after beginning the day, the party encountered members of the Anguis Imperium (Soldier (Officer?), Mage/Cleric, Gladiator and four other fighters). The party defeated these members and took two prisoners. The prisoners informed the party they were looking for Kriven and assisting an infiltration group based in the graveyard. Additionally, Kriven enlightened the party to seeing a lizard bird several times up to this point and the party instructed him that is was probably a familiar. A lizard bird was seeing leaving the battlefield at the conclusion of the engagement.

The party decided to send Garibaldi, Clarence and Natalie back to Foyer with the prisoners as Clarence was badly injured in the previous skirmish. Additionally, Foyer needed to know what was happening and the party decided they could continue to the graveyard with five folks.

At approximately 0900, 17 Novus the party came upon the Valhingin Graveyard. Unfortunately, the graveyard was on the other side of a river that spanned 300ft. Each of the party members chose a different approach to crossing and all made it safely. Upon reaching the far side of the river, the party discussed where the most likely place of finding the wizards final resting place would be. The final decision was the North East quadrant as the historical texts all pointed to that area as the last stand of a great wizard.

The party headed to the North East and was ambushed. The hardest battle to date ensued in a marshy land, full of Weeping Willows. Although the party was badly beaten up, they were victorious and planned to continue on to the site of the great battle in the North East portion of the graveyard. At the conclusion of this encounter a lizard bird was seen and Marik killed it with a shuriken.

The party treasure received that has yet to be distributed is:
120gp and a scroll with a map of the ruins

Game Session 4 Dec 2010

Session started with the party moving North East at 1000, 17 Novus, 507 BE. The area was littered with single story crumbling buildings, shrines and burial mounds. The dampness in the air and the weeping willow trees make for a dreary day. The sun is not able to rid the air of its bite until later in the day. As the party moves out, Kriven provides insight on three major battles that were fought in this area. In the North East corner was where the battle known as the fall of the 5th Legion took place; the North West is the remnants of the Griffins Fall and to the South West, is the Marsh Massacre.

The party continues toward the North East corner of the grave yard in hopes of locating the final resting place of Rakul Infernus, a Wensharian War Wizard. A group of five skeletons attacks the party and are vanquished fairly easily, however, Tantra is shocked and unable to participate in the fight. This encounter is about 1030 in the morning and the party continues to sneak through the graveyard.

As the party passes a section of a broken wall, they are attacked by 3 wisp wraiths and a regular wraith. The party is able to dispatch the small team of enemies and investigate the entrance they came from. Upon shining light into the opening, the party determines they should just move on as the location is not where the wizard fell.

At about 1230, the party enters a cathedral to find a pile of shields, swords and armor in the middle of the floor. The inscriptions on the equipment is to the 1st regiment of the army of Landfall. The outside of the Cathedral has a plaque naming the burial as the place of the 1st Regiment of the 5th legion. As this is not where a Wensharian wizard would be, the party decides to leave without disturbing the final burial location of this legion.

As the party his headed in the direction of another building, approximately the other side of an imaginary line of battle, they spot a large burial mound with swords sticking out of it. The party decides to investigate. Marick pulls one of the swords from the ground and Redargen, with the assistance of Arn, climb the mound.

The top of the mound has a tree on top of a slab of concrete. The party removes the tree and opens the slab. At approximately 1330, the party descends into the burial mound because the slab has solar symbols surrounded by a bonfire covering it and, due to the symbolism, a good possibility exists of this being the final resting place of the wizard.

Upon descending to the floor of the burial mound, the party is attacked by zombies. The zombies are quickly dispatched and an effort begins to search the interior of the mound. A set of stairs leading down is uncovered and the party descends to the next level. Prior to entering the room at the bottom of the steps, the party sees it is filled with creatures surrounding a dais. It is finally decided that Kriven will lead the way into the room and upon entering it the creatures attack.

A large battle ensues with zombies, soldier wraiths and a spectre working against the party. The spectre is the deceased wizard we have been searching for. The party survives the encounter but is badly beaten up. The room is searched and the party concludes the final resting place of Rakul Infernus is this mound. Treasure was taken and the party left the mound. Upon exiting, the party re-sealed the mound and headed North to leave the graveyard as quickly as possible.

Upon leaving the graveyard the party encountered a witch disguised as a beautiful elven maiden. A conversation ensued between the witch and Arn and the two decided to go their separate ways in peace. The party moved into the forest and turned due West, toward the river. prior to reaching the river, the party found a suitable place to camp and rested.

While in camp the party divided the following treasure among all members:
– 600sp – 400gp – set of Wensharian daggers
– 3 javelins – Staff (magical) – Shield (magical)
– Long Sword (magical)

Treasure that still needs distributed:
– 2 gems (100gp each) – misc jewelry

The intention of the party is to return to the graveyard (morning of 18 Novus, 507 BE) and investigate if the Anguis Imperium have established a base. Upon completion of the investigation, the party will return to Foyer and report their findings.

Anguis Imperium Outpost

Session began with the party sleeping through the night. They made their way back to the graveyard in the early morning of 18 Novus, 507 BE. The intent is to determine if the Anguis Imperium had established a stronghold in the area. The information will be used to complete the effort the party undertook for Sergeant Ahtarms, Foyer Horse Guard Commander.

The morning was a chilly morning with frost on the trees and ground. Rain clouds were rolling in and the day was expected to continue to be chilly. As the party entered the graveyard, a large black bird (vulture?) was watching them. The party discussed the bird for a minute but ended up ignoring it and he flew off North with a flock of other birds. The party continued South into the graveyard and headed to an area that did not look as dilapidated. As the party entered an enclosed area on the Northern side of the graveyard, an enchanted forest was encountered. Singing was heard, the trees looked well tended and a brook was seen meandering through the area. The intent of the party was to enter a tower on the Southern side of the forest and get a good look around.

At approximately 0730, the party entered the tower and moved to the top. At the top of the tower, the party found a telescope and used the equipment to oversee the area. The party continued to observe the area for the next hour and at approximately 0845, the party departed the top of the tower. As they exited the tower, skeleton warriors were encountered. A total of eight skeletons attacked the party and were vanquished. Arn and Marik saw the witch from the previous day and attacked her. Arn successfully shot the witch with a javelin but Marik was unable to engage her before she ran. The party healed themselves quickly and exited the enchanted forest as soon as possible.

As the party left the forest, they decided to travel East and than South toward the center of the graveyard. They traversed a swamp area and came to an opening in a wall East of the center. Marik tried to scout the building in the middle of the graveyard but was unable to get close as he was feared. Kriven attempted to enter the area after Marik and gained similar results. Redargen explained to the party that the center building is Valhingen castle and its haunted. According to history, nobody has been able to breach the walls since the graveyard was formed. As the party was discussing this issue and trying to determine if they wanted to try to breach the feared area, an Anguis Imperium soldier was spotted trying to move stealthily through the graveyard.

Once the soldier was spotted, the party decided to leave the castle alone and worked their way South on an intercept course with the soldier. The soldier entered a ruined building before intercepting the party and so the party followed him into the ruins.

At approximately 1000, the party searched the entrance of the ruins for some way in. Redargen located a switch to a secret door and the party continued into the ruins. As the part descended steps into the first chamber a Kobold screamed a warning and Marik disposed of him. Additional Kobolds, however, entered the area and attacked. five Kobolds were eventually dispatched before the party could continue on.

The second large chamber that was entered, contained four coffins and three Kobolds in front of a makeshift altar to Tiamat. The party attacked the Kobolds but were engaged by some traps that reduced the affects long enough for a single Kobold to escape. At the conclusion of the encounter, Marik disassembled the traps, Kriven destroyed the altar to Tiamat (wasn’t willing to discuss why at this time) and the rest of the party searched the Kobolds. 60gp were found and added to party treasure.

The party continued on into the ruins and upon entering the next chamber, were assailed by two Kobolds with a skull on rope. The Kobolds used the skull to hit player characters as they entered the danger zone. The two Kobolds were dispatched as an additional four Kobolds rose up on ledges and attacked. Kriven charged the doors on the far side of the room, and busted through as two of the remaining Kobolds were dispatched. As Kriven knocked in the doors, he was attacked by two Drakes. Arn stepped up with Kriven to take on the Drakes (Lizards with wings about the size of a German Shepard) and Marik came in behind. Redargen dispatched the final Kobolds before continuing into the melee.

The Drakes were fairly formidable as they almost dispatched both Kriven and Arn before the party was able to overcome them. The party healed themselves and searched the area following the battle. An additional 100gp, a ruby (50gp) and two garnets (25gp/each) were found and added to party treasure.

The session ended with the time of day being approximately 1200, 18 Novus, 507 BE. The party has completed through area 3 of the current mission. Party treasure that still needs distributed is:
- 2 gems (100gp/each)
- miscellaneous jewelry (no value provided)
- 160gp
- Ruby gem (50gp)
- 2 garnet gems (25gp/each)

Anguis Imperium Outpost Cont

Session began at 1200, 18 Novus, 507 BE. The party left the final encounter room from the previous session and followed a hallway to another room. The room was very large and the party noticed four human Anguis Imperium preparing an ambush. The party prepared to defeat the ambush and moved into the room. An additional two Kobolds appeared on a wall, 10 ft up in front of the entrance. As Kriven moved into the room, he was struck with a sticky substance from the Kobolds and held fast. Arn was also struck with the sticky substance at the doorway. The Kobolds were defeated as Kriven engaged two of the four humans. A large boulder was dispatched to roll around the room as Marik entered the melee and engaged the two Humans that still had not attacked. after dispatching the two humans that engaged Kriven, both Kriven and Arn freed themselves of the substance and continued into the room to engage the final two humans and stay out of the way of the boulder.

Upon entering the room, three soldiers from a different raised wall attacked (they set the boulder rolling first). Marick and Arn dispatched the final two humans as Kriven leaped up steps to engage the soldiers. Prior to Kriven getting to the top of the steps, Redargen loosed a flaming burst that struck one of the soldiers solidly and injured another one. The soldiers retreated to the back of the area, out of site of the mage, and met Kriven at the top of the steps. Marik vaulted to the top of the wall and engaged the soldiers as Kriven and Arn completed ascending the steps and began to engage the soldiers. Tantra moved into the room to provide assistance with the soldiers and was attacked by a Kobold who possessed a breathe weapon and some magical capabilities.

As two of the three soldiers were defeated, two gladiator Anguis Imperium attacked Redargen from behind the boulder. Redargen took a critical hit and Fey Stepped away from the engagement. Arn turned to assist Redargen as Marik left the final soldier to fight it out with Kriven. The Gladiators pursued Redargen and dropped him as an Anguis Imperium mage (Zarkan) arose on another raised platform to engage the party. The rolling boulder missed Tantra but the Kobold mage was struck (not killed). Arn was engaged by the mage and unable to come to the assistance of Redargen and Marik engaged one of the gladiators.

Marik successfully dispatched a gladiator and Arn got away from the mage and engaged the other gladiator. Additionally, Arn provided assistance to Redargen to bring him back into the melee. Together, Arn and Redargen dispatched the final gladiator as Marik engaged the Anguis Imperium mage. Tantra was still locked in battle with the Kobold mage and not fairing well. She took some advice though and disengaged long enough to get out of the way of a second pass of the boulder. The Kobold was unable to get out of the way and suffered another hit from the boulder.

Finally, Redargen and Arn were able to engage the Anguis Imperium mage, Kriven dispatched the final soldier. Marick led the final assault on the Anguis Imperium mage with Redargen. The final blow was provided by Marick and Zarkan was dispatched. Arn successfully dispatched the Kobold Mage and the party was able to rest. The boulder eventually quite rolling and the party searched the area. The search provided a silver key, a piece of parchment, 60gp and a painting of Tiamat, which Kriven destroyed immediately. When questioned why he destroyed the painting, Kriven stated the Anguis Imperium had experimented on him during his captivity due to his ability to breathe lightning. The experiments were done in the name of Tiamat so now he will not tolerate anything associated with her.

During the search, Redargen found a secret door in the wall. Marick located a key lock and the silver key fit. Afterward, the party notice the parchment that was found with the key provided directions to the door. The door opened onto a natural cavern that was dark but the end showed some light. The party entered the cavern after Arn provided light from his shield. Initially the tunnel was only five feet across but about 20 feet into it, the tunnel widen to 10 feet across. The party continued down the tunnel until it opened into a large chamber that looked covered in snow. As the party entered the chamber, they noticed frozen water, possibly underground river, across the main area. The chamber was full of natural formations and inside an alcove the party spotted a man who was tied up. Arn untied the man as the rest of the party provided guards. As the man’s mouth was loosened he screamed DRAGON. The party retreated from the area to the previous room with the exception of Marick, who was hiding in the shadows. A White Dragon (Szartharrax) spotted Marick and he ran before engaging the dragon by himself.

After Marick joined the party, the door was closed and locked and the party discussed their next move. The decision was made to engage the dragon to provide a quicker exit from the area. The freed man is Avid Lorefinder (Bard) and he decided to join the party as they engaged the dragon. The party descended to the lair of the dragon again and tried to stealthily enter the area. The dragon attacked the party and a wild melee ensued. Arn provided the final blow that dispatched the dragon and the party was able to search the area. The party found 100gp, a pearl (20gp), and a scroll case with a letter inside requesting an alliance between a Goblin Chief and the White Dragon.

The party decided they had the information necessary to return to Foyer and exited the cavern. As they entered a field an Anguis Imperium Gladiator (Krayad the Butcher) challenged Kriven to battle. Kriven accepted the challenge and made a good showing but was defeated. Krayad went to kill Kriven and the rest of the party opposed him. Arn healed Kriven as Marick and Redargen attacked Krayad. A short melee ensued and Krayad was slain by Kriven.

Following the melee, Tantra stated she could get the party back to the main road with the remaining light in the day. The party camped along the road and awoke the morning of 19 Novus to a cool morning. The party traveled all day and arrived in Foyer that evening. They reported in with Sergeant Ahtarms and provided a detailed account of the previous five days. Sergeant Ahtarms stated increased Goblin activity had been noticed and compared the activity to right after the goblin wars. The Horse Guard was working to keep the information quiet currently as not to raise the alarm within the town.

Arn left to provide information to the temple of Bahamet and Kriven went with him. Redargen went to the inn to read some on goblins in the area. Arn received some knowledge of the Anguis Imperium and associations with Kobolds from his superior and Redargen found information that Goblins were mostly in the eastern portion of Landfall and his suspicions were raised regarding the proposed alliance between the Dragon and the Goblins.

Redargen found Marick at the Scouts Guild and explained his suspicions and offered to assist Marick in going after the Goblins as the party had recently learned Marik’s family had been slaughtered during the Goblin wars.

Morning of 20 Novus, 507 BE, the party awoke to snow on the ground. Marick searched out Arn and Kriven to enlist their aid in going after the Goblins. Arn was given leave to go and Kriven decided to assist. All party members agreed a rest was needed, though, and Redargen planned to travel to Landfall to provide information to his friend, Flagrant. Upon his return to Foyer the party plans to travel to the West and see if they can find anything more about what is going on with the Goblin build up.

Interlude at Foyer

20 Novus, 507 BE: The party awoke to snow on the ground. Marick searched out Arn and Kriven to enlist their aid in going after the Goblins. Arn was given leave to go and Kriven decided to assist. All party members agreed a rest was needed, though, and Redargen planned to travel to Landfall to provide information to his friend, Flagrant. Upon his return to Foyer the party plans to travel to the West and see if they can find anything more about what is going on with the Goblin build up.

21 Novus: Redargen departs via boat towards Landfall (Cost: 2 gold). It is about 90 miles downstream to the city of Landfall. With normal winds keelboats can make the journey in about three days downstream (30/day), while it takes about five days to return upstream (20/day) to Foyer. Most of the time keelboats anchor overnight by the riverside, but most generally stop at the city of Milieu on night two of downstream travel, and night three of upstream travel.

22 Novus: Marik manages to somehow convince Sgt Ahtarms that sending scouts out to the ruins of Xar Senkrad, the old keep in the mountains, is a good idea. Marik sets out with Garabaldi, Clarence, and Natalie to find out if anything has changed there recently. Other than being infested with kobolds of course.

23 Novus: Surolav invites Arn to discuss the establishment of the Temple in Foyer with the Lord Marshall Nicholas Ferenczy. It seems the Sgt Ahtarms had something good to say about rooting out the AI incursion. Representatives from the Old Faith and the Temple of Pelor thank Surolav and encourage the Temple of Bahamut’s establishment locally. Several adjoining buildings have been bought and are available to create a compound for the Temple of Bahamut.

23 Novus: Marik makes it to the ruins if the keep just before nightfall and after watching for a while, they hear goblin drums and see kobolds and a large goblin placing a red wyvern banner on a ruined tower. Marik and the scouts plan to head back to foyer the next day.

24 Novus: Redargen makes it to Landfall that evening and spends the time eating dinner with Flagrant at the Astronomer’s Guild. Flagrant is very pleased with Redargen’s luck in finding the last resting place of Rakul Infernus. He provides Redargen with a copy of his latest book, “Five Famous Wensharian Wizards, A Study of the Corruption of War”. Flagrant is not pleased by the dark aura he senses around Rakul’s staff, and promises to do more research.
Marik and the scouts travel back down the Nepthys river towards town.

25 Novus, Redargen boards the keelboat on his return journey to Foyer.

26 Novus: Kriven is in town when he encounters another lizardman named Darcula. Darcula works for the King of Landfall’s court, and is a member of the special honor guard provided to the House of Rogear by the clans of Shiss-Tor. He explains there are currently six members of the honor guard, and he is ranked 4th. He is slightly smaller than Kriven. He seems taken aback by Kriven’s coloration, but then explains that since he has worked for the king for nearly 25 years, he has learned a little bit more tolerance.

28 Novus: Arn is approached by a young female cleric of Pelor. She states that there are rumours and signs indicating that there may be a death cult in the area. There are also several unexplained disappearances among the locals. After the success of his last mission she is willing to offer 250 gp to find and eradicate the cult. Surolav indicates the Temple’s willingness to help, but leaves the details to Arn to determine.

29 Novus: Redargen returns to Foyer and finds a message has been left for him by a scholar associated with the Lord Marshall’s aide, Craven. The scholar claims that the ruins in and around the area of Xar Senkrad pre-date even the Wensharian Empire in antiquity. (Which is highly unlikely) However he is willing to pay 250 gp for research into the area and a map of the ruins.

Next session begins morning of 30 Novus, 507 BE.

Initiate Quest to Old Keep

Party members met the morning of 30 Novus, 507 BE, a the True Dwarf Alehouse without Marick. Each of the members shared information gleaned from the previous two weeks. Arn had received a request for help from the church of Pelor. Kriven had met one of the Lizard Men Guards for the King. Redargen had been contacted by a scholar working for the Lord Marshal.

During the discussions, Marla (Priestess of Pelor)requested an audience with Arn. She stated she had information regarding a rumored death cult operating in the area. She also claimed to have the corpse of a farmer that had been killed but was covered in sacrificial markings. Additionally, she stated multiple disappearances of local townsfolk had come to the attention of the local Pelor populace. One of the recent missing persons was a sage named Douven Stall.

The party decided to split up to gain additional information regarding the missing people and rumors of a death cult in the area. Arn went with Marla to investigate the body of the dead farmer and Redargen went to locate information regarding the missing Sage. Kriven left the Alehouse first in an attempt to get a map of landfall that the party could maintain possession of and ran into Acan.

Acan had heard of the party and their accomplishments in Valhingen Graveyard and offered to provide his services to the party. Kriven invited him along to meet Sergeant Ahtarms. While meeting with Sergeant Ahtarms, Redargen showed up. Kriven introduced Acan to Redargen and left. Redargen asked Sergeant Ahtarms questions regarding the Sage and was told Valthrun would be the best person in town to answer questions regarding the Sage.

Redargen then went to the tower of Valthrun by way of the Alehouse to let Marick know Sergeant Ahtarms was looking for him. During this time, Arn was working with the Priestess of Pelor and learning about the final minutes of the unfortunate farmer. Arn verified the body had markings of a ritualistic nature on the wrists and ankles. He was also successful in recreating the last moments of the unfortunate persons life and saw the farmer being grabbed by Goblins who were working for a Priest of Orcus. Orcus is a Demon who is worshipped as a God. His followers are masters of the undead and could be the source of the death cult growth in the area.

As Arn was completing his investigation, Redargen came to the door of the tower where Valthrun resided. Valthrun did not answer his door and so Redargen left a note requesting an audience with him and proceeded to his room in the inn. As he got into his room he proceeded to meditate and found out Douvan Stall is considered an expert in stellar alignments and planer conjunctions. Mr. Stall has been missing for two days. Redargen then went back to the Alehouse. Upon arriving at the Alehouse, Redargen found he was the last person in and Acan had already been introduced to the rest of the party. A discussion took place regarding possible courses of action and at about 1500 Valthrun knocked on the door. He stated he had met Mr. Stall and that Mr. Stall seemed to be a pretty nice guy. He verified Mr. Stall had only recently begun to reside in Foyer and was planning on staying awhile. He also stated Mr. Stall was researching magical manifestations. The last time Valthrun had seen Mr. Stall was four days previous and could not point to any reason why Mr. Stall may have been targeted. Valthrun did state no death cult had operated in the area for more than 150 years and the Old Keep was once a location used to imprison “darkness”. Valthrun stated he would research the topic more and get back to Arn.

As Valthrun readied to leave he told a story about a man named Sir Keegan who was High Lord of the Keep. Apparently, Sir Keegan was a Paladin of Bahamet but went mad while guarding the Keep. He proceeded to kill the inhabitants of the Keep, beginning with his own family. Finally, the soldiers in the Keep were able to push Sir Keegan into the Bowels of the Keep and lock him in

The party decided to proceed to the Keep the next day to investigate the Keep due to Goblins being seen there by Marick and the discussions of the death cult being linked to Goblins. Prior to leaving, Redargen located Avid and invited him to come along as well.

The morning of 1 Dec, 507 BE, the party of Arn, Redargen, Marick, Kriven, Acan and Avid left Foyer by ferry across the river. As the ferry dropped off the party on the Northern side of the river headed into Nepthys Valley, snow covered the ground. The snow was very dry and was blowing around. It had drifted into many locations and provided large piles in some places and bare ground in other places. The party proceeded up the valley on the Northern side of the river, against Marick’s suggestions to stay to the South.

At approximately 1200 the wind picked up and became very uncomfortable. Footprints were seen in the snow where the wind could not touch. Acan identified the prints as those made by Kobolds. Shortly after seeing the prints, the party engaged eight Kobolds and dispatched them. Acan proved he is a valuable member of the party as he slayed a couple Kobolds quickly with arrows. The party found six javelins, which were divided up between Arn and Kriven.

Approximately three hours later, the party was surprised by spiders. The engagement went well for the party and nobody was seriously injured while four of five spiders were killed. The final spider escaped the area. No treasure was found and the party decided to continue toward the Keep. No other encounters happened throughout the day and the party decided to camp throughout the night. Kobold noises were heard throughout the night all around the camp but no attacks were forthcoming.

2 Dec dawned and the party continues on. The trail is found to be trapped as Marick falls into a pit. Due to his acrobatic skills he doesn’t take any damage. As he leaps out of the pit, Arn sees a group of Kobolds in the distance running from the area. A few more steps down the path and Marik is seen dodging spears for his life. He successfully dodges all the spears but one and takes minor damage. The party decides, with Arn’s assistance, to get off the path and continue. At approximately 0900, the party is engaged by five Kobolds. Marick strikes from the forest and Kriven fights exceptionally well. The Kobolds are dispatched and the party searches them for treasure. 5gp, 23sp and a necklace are found. The necklace contains a figurine of a dragon made from obsidian stone and it came from a Kobold Shaman. After further inspection, the figurine contains the symbol of Orcus engraved into it.

Marick and Acan determine we are close to the lair for the Kobolds and enlighten the party to the fact that Kobolds are territorial. They will fight within their territory until an enemy proves they are more powerful. If that happens, the Kobolds will cease attacking them unless they attack the Kobold lair. Due to our success, both Marick and Acan determine we are probably nearing the time when the Kobolds will no longer attack us just for being in the area. However, the party has determined they are going to seek out the lair due to one of the Shaman bearing the symbol of Orcus. After investigating the lair, the party plans to continue on to the Keep as Marick stated a Goblin tribe seemed to be moving in. The tribe displays a Wyvern flag and nobody in the area has heard of Wyvern tribe of Goblins.

Taking on Kobold Lair

Morning, 2 Dec 507 BE, dawned cold and threatening snow. About 1000, snow begins falling but not sticking. At 1100, the party figures the Kobold Lair is about two hrs from their position and the keep is approximately 4 hours away. Arn continues to locate tracks and tells the rest of the party to look for tracks as well. The Kobolds seem to be keeping to the trail along the river.

At approximately 1200, a large statue is noticed off in the distance. The statue is a humanoid in armor and stands about 10ft into the air but its waistline is at ground level. Marick tells the party that these statues are dotted along the trail and are set approximately 2 miles apart. Redargen tells the party the statue looks like a “Warforged”; a race that supposedly existed prior to the Wensharian empire. The statue contains symbols in its head and chest. Arn states the symbols in its head is a Nova Star and could be associated with Pelor. He also states the symbol in its chest is an Ankh; an ancient symbol of healing and life.

As the party nears the statue, Redargens staff heats up. Upon entering an area within 10ft of the statue, Redargens staff sends fireballs into the Ankh and Nova Star symbol. The statue comes alive and attacks the party. During the melee, Marick is knocked into Kriven. marick retaliates with a solid hit on the statue and Acan lands the final blow; splintering the statue. The party determines that something may not be right with the staff Redargen is wielding and will continue to monitor it as the symbols on the statue led the party to believe it was a good entity.

At roughly 1300, the trail to the lair breaks away and heads into the mountains. At approximately 1330, the party notices a large group of Kobolds hanging out around what looks like some ancient, magical manifestation (magical circle). The party successfully surprises the group of 13 Kobolds and dispatches them. Additional yipping is heard from the direction of the waterfall but no additional attacks are forthcoming. Redargen states the magical circle looks permanent. Party members that enter the area feel more accurate and the party assumes the circle will increase the accuracy of attacks.

Upon further inspection, the party locates three openings in the side of the mountain. One behind the waterfall and two additional openings to the sides of the waterfall. At about 1400, the party decides Marick will enter from the right side as the rest of the party goes through the waterfall making as much noise as possible. The plan is made due to the yipping sounding as if it is coming from inside the waterfall.

Upon moving through the waterfall, the party encounters six Kobolds that are easily dispatched but the encounter is just beginning. Marick comes through the right entrance and encounters two additional Kobolds but easily dispatches them and Acan moves to the left after entering the area and dispatches an additional two Kobolds. After entering the Kobold Lair, the party moves through it but fierce fighting meets every step forward. During the fight, Marick is knocked unconscious and Kriven almost falls. Eventually the party is successful and defeats 18 Kobolds of various strength, a large Goblin and a worm priest. As the Goblin is killed, he yells an oath to Orcus and Callaral to prepare his way.

Treasure from in the lair is 450gp, 48sp, a chain shirt, battle axe, scalemail armor, a hammer, small pouch with a silver key and message scroll. The hammer has religious symbols covering it and they are for Zuoken (God of physical and mental mastery), a Wensharian. Kriven keeps the scalemail armor as it is of Dwarven make and magical. The message scroll tells of a spy in Foyer. Additionally, it tells of Callaral opening a rift within the next couple days. The party finds the message to be disturbing as it tells of visitors to be expected here but the timing seems like the message would of had to be written prior to the party deciding to head this direction in support of anyone other than Marick.

At roughly 1600, the weather turns worse; sleet and freezing rain begins to pelt the ground. The party decides to camp in the lair for the night. The night passes without incident, although, some yipping is heard around the area.

0600, 3 Dec 507 BE, the party awakes to snow covering the ground. They travel for about an hour and through discussions decide to keep an eye out for additional magical manifestations as Douven Stall was known to be researching them. After about another mile, the party sees another statue. It is laying on its side and is covered in snow. The party avoids the statue and continues on toward the keep. At approximately 1000, the party arrives outside Shadow fang Keep. The snow is bright and provides a glare to the party members but a Wyvern flag is seen still flying.

Per Marick’s suggestion, the party crosses the river and comes up to the Keep from the backside. The party closes to within 1,000ft and look down on the keep. A guard is seen making rounds about every half hour. The Keep is in great disrepair but a path is easily seen entering one of the buildings. The party decides to ambush the lone Goblin guard. After dispatching the guard, the party dashes across the open interior area to the building that has tracks leading to it. The party decides to stop play at the top of the stairs, out of sight of anyone outside.

Treasure that needs divided still consists of chainmail (shirt), battle axe, hammer of Zuoken, 455gp, 71sp and an obsidian dragon necklace with symbol of Orcus on it.

Entering Shadowfang Keep

The session began with the party at the top of stairs out of site of all enemies. The stairs are the entrance into the underground portions of the Old Keep. Snow begins to fall harder and the wind picks up. The party hears whistling from the bottom of the stairs. A single goblin is encountered and dispatched before any alarms can be raised. At the bottom of the stairs is a set of locked double doors that look like they should have been on the surface as the grand entrance. There are strange symbols on the door and seven bronze discs. The symbols are all religious and mystical in nature. The discs are arcane. They look to be a solution to the locking mechanism on the door.

Arn determines the religious symbols are of various ancient Wensharian races and they alternate between key pairings. Marick checks for traps and finds none. Redargen notices where one of the arcane symbols should be and tells Arn to move it in-place. A click is heard as the disc slides into place. Acan considers the nature of the door and determines their is nothing natural about the door. Arn moves one of the disks to align with some of the religious symbols and another click is heard. Redargen then points to where a third disc should be and once it is in-place another click. Arn determines that the greater powers should all be above and the lowers powers below — when the symbols are arranged appropriately, another click is heard. Marick decides the party is taking too long to open the door and forces the locking mechanism to allow him entrance. The door opens but not before making a huge noise that is heard reverberating through the area. The door is not able to be closed after Marick is done.

Looking into the gloom on the other side of the door, the darkness does not seem natural. There is a cavern leading to some descending stairs and nothing else is able to be seen. Arn lights his magical shield and the party enters the area. All party members are on edge and the darkness is suffocating. Light seems to be absorbed by the darkness and less area is lit by light sources than should be.

As the party members descend the stairs to another room a single goblin with a spear is encountered. He is dispatched and the group enters the room. The room is roughly square and has four pillars supporting the ceiling. Torches burn on the walls and shadows dance throughout the room. Kriven and Arn enter the room next to the walls and Marick goes through the center. Marick falls into a floor trap and is attacked by a swarm of rats. Two more goblins appear and attack the rest of the party. All creatures are eventually defeated and treasure is recovered. The treasure consists of 43gp and 51sp.

The party continues into the Keep exploring. As they enter another room they encounter a torture chamber and attack a goblin torturer and four additional goblin soldiers. The creatures are defeated with a little effort and treasure is found. The treasure consists of 50sp, 55gp and some black armor. The armor is covered in Arcane Necromantic symbols and religious symbols to a death god. Marick adorns the armor and receives +1 Deathcut Armor. As the party searches the aream they find a goblin (Splug) in a cell. The goblin offers to assist the party by providing directions to a secret passage to get to Balgram the Fat; teh clan leader for this sect of goblins.

Splug leads the party through the secret passage and into Balgram’s sleeping chambers. Balgram is found asleep and Marick moves in for the kill. Marick successfully performs a coup de grace and dispatches Balgram the Fat. Additionally, he destroys a goblin guard within the chamber with a single strike before alerting anyone to our presence.

As the party enters the sleeping chamber they can hear goblin voices on the other side of the door. The door is locked and the mechanism is on the party side of the door. The party prepares to attack the goblins on the other side of the door and once ready, opens the door. A large encounter occurs as the party attacks six large soldiers. During the battle eleven additional goblins are encountered. After some hectic fighting, the party is successful at removing the goblin threat in this area of the Keep. A key is found on Balgram’s body and a chest is also located. The treasure found is 595gp and four potions of healing. The potions are immediately distributed to party members.

It is approximately 1500, 3 Dec 507BE when the party completes looting the area. They determine to continue on through the darkness and enter level III. All lights are now at 2/3 of their expected luminescence and the darkness is really becoming a burden.

At approximately 1530, the party encounters 9 zombies and defeats them but is now a little haggard. The session ended when the zombie encounter was completed.

Undistributed party treasure is:
- Chain shirt (normal) – Battle Axe (Normal)
- Hammer of Zuoken (No magical properties)
- Obsidian Dragon Necklace w/symbol of Orcus
- 1,148gp, 172sp

Continuing through Shadowfang Keep

The session began at 1530, 3 Dec 507BE. Additional information was gained pertaining to the letter the party found earlier requesting humanoid slaves. The writer of the letter is Chief Krand of the Blood Reavers, who are in the area of Rappan Athuk. The letter states that messengers of Rappan Athuk will provide the way to the Chief if slave trade with Kalarel is possible.

The party continues to investigate the Keep and enters an area where the darkness is not as oppressive. Critters can be heard skittering around through the dark. The party enters a chamber that is lined with Sarcophagi of humans in plate armor. Redargen and Arn discuss with the party that this area could be where Sir Keegan is. The Sarcophagi are reminiscent of the approximate time period. The room looks like it may dead end within the darkness but a breeze is felt blowing from that end. The party decides to enter the chamber and approach the far end. As the party gets approximately half way to down the chamber a silvery white light is seen coming from another room that the chamber opens into. The party continues forward and is attacked by skeletons coming from the Sarcophagi and two archer skeletons attack from within the silvery white light at the end of the chamber. As skeletons are dispatched additional ones emerge from the Sarcophagi to continue the fight. Arn fights is way through the skeletons into the larger chamber and kneels at an altar and prays; upon completing the prayer, all skeletons run from the battle and disappear within the Sarcophagi.

Arn explains the area seems to be an altar to Bahamut and protected. A large regal platinum dragon is pictured across the dome of this room and soldiers are in relief kneeling behind the altars. As Arn is inspecting one of the altars, a secret compartment is located and six small statues of platinum/silver dragons are found. Arn explains that the statues are imbued with the blessing of Bahamut and gives all members one with the exception of Splug. After distributing the statues and a of discussion on why this area seems protected, the party decides to enter through a set of double doors into another chamber.

This chamber is untouched and beautiful. A large dragon symbol is on the floor and the pillars are ornate. The silvery/white light is still present and a Sarcophagi is seen on a raised dais at the fr end of the room. Arn steps forward to inspect it and Marick assists. After some debate on who is buried here and what we may be missing, Redargen decides to leave the place untouched. Acan follows Redargen out of the room and the other members decide to exit as well.

As soon as Arn turns to leave an explosion is heard and a large skeleton emerges from the sarcophagi. The skeleton warrior turns out to be Sir Keegan and we convince him to aid us in closing the rift. Sir Keegan provides his warhammer, Vengier, to Arn as a gift to go forward into the Keep and use to close the rift.

At approximately 1700 the group go back through the Keep to paths that were not pursued earlier. They explore the only path left that had not come to a rune on the floor and eventually find the rune blocking the path. As this is the only way left to go, the party decides to jump one of the runes and continue into the Keep. As the party moves through the Keep, they enter a room that is even darker. Light sources are only providing illumination of 5ft. As the party comes to another room they are attacked by a large darkness. The party is surprised, but they recover and eventually defeat the darkness. Light sources go back to providing illumination out to about 15ft.

The party is battered and beat. A rest is needed and a discussion on where to rest begins. During the discussion, Redargen spots a secret door and requests Marick check for traps and open the door. The door opens into a hallway that is very short. Upon further inspection the walls are an illusion and stepping, through the illusion, the party is attacked by four zombies. The zombies are easily dispatched and some treasure is found. A riddle is read to the party and they successfully answer the riddle and a suit of magical armor appears. The armor is +2 Black Iron Scale. Arn and Kriven decide on who will gain the new armor. Additionally, a wooden box is located. Marick opens it and is caught in a fire trap. He ensures no other traps are present and inside the box is found some bracers and a quiver with six arrows. Acan accepts the bracers (perfect shot) and the quiver with magical arrows.

The party determines this is a good place for an extended rest and shut the secret door. They hide behind the illusory wall and rest. This finishes the session.

Undistributed treasure does not change
Chain shirt (Normal) Battle Axe (Normal)
Hammer of Zuoken (No Magical properties)
Obsidian Dragon Necklace w/symbol of Orcus
1,148gp 172sp

Delving Further into Shadowfang Keep

The party rested through the night and the next session began with morning of 4 Dec 507BE. The party emerged from the secret door into the statue room. Kriven and Arn descend the steps between the two statues and are challenged by a Hobgoblin. Redargen is concerned the statues may be animated similar to the statue on the trip in. Redargen carefully passes between the statues and notices a picture of a woman with wings fighting goat headed creatures (the picture really didn’t seem to belong in this area).

As entire party descends the steps, the Hobgoblins sound an alarm and an encounter ensued at about 0630. The encounter includes 9 Goblins/Hobgoblins and a Battle Mage with a Spider. Light sources are still not radiating right but the room is filled with torches. This particular area is more of a living area than what has been encountered to this point. The battle Mage decided to attack Redargen and missed due to staff of defense ability. The lightening hit the staff and flamne erupted from the staff. The staff got hot to the touch but was maintained by Redargen. The flame erupting from the staff hit the Mage and he disintegrated. Redargen intimidated one of the Hobgoblins and toook him prisoner prior to the encounter being complete.

After the encounter is concluded, Arn and Kriven interrogate the Hobgoblin but don’t gain much information. The information gained is that Callarel is in-charge, A temple is down here, there are Hobgoblins flying on Wyverns outside the Keep and we need to be aware of traps around Callarel’s workshop. The rest of the party search the room and provide security. Treasure gained is a black sword (Deathstalker), which Marick received, 10gp and 27sp.

The party continues to explore the area and locate the Chief’s bunk room. There is nothing significant in the room and the party moves on. As the party enters a new area, they see a sign that is written in Goblin and states “Keep Out by Order of Callarel”. Party ignores the sign and into a room full of frescoes depicting an ongoing battle between light and dark forces.

At approximately 0800, the party encounters a gelatinous cube and 2 zombies. As the zombies are dispatched, they explode and cause damage to all surrounding folks. After the encounter, the party continues to explore the area and come to a room with a couple sarcophagi and a room with a chest containing Bahamut signage. When the chest was opened, a gold medallion (engraved with Dristen Keegan), platinum bracelet (engraved with Sinewine Keegan), Brush with mother of pearl handle and an amulet (stylized dragon wings around blue stone). The amulet is determined to be magic of a protective nature (safe wing amulet +1). The amulet is kept by Arn.

At approximately 0900, the party decides to open a set of ornate doors to a large room. The room contains a very large statue of a warrior in the middle and two additional statues of dragons on the far side. A small hall is seen at the other side of the room and it is lined with Cherubim. Marick enters the room to search for a safe way across the room and triggers a trap from the large statue. The trap is a sword that swings out and Marick is damaged by the trap. The rest of the party follows Marick but manages to not trigger the trap. The party successfully makes it to the other side of the room. Marick triggered both of the dragon traps and manages to disable one of them. Arn and Kriven enter the small hall lined with Cherubim and trigger a whirlpool trap. The party successfully defeats the trap but Arn and Kriven take some damage before the trap is disabled.

The session ended at the completion of disabling the trap. Undistributed treasure is:
Chainmail shirt (normal) Battle Axe (Normal)
Hammer of Zuoken (no magical properties)
Obsidian dragon necklace w/symbol of Orcus
1,158gp 199sp


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