Taking on Kobold Lair

Morning, 2 Dec 507 BE, dawned cold and threatening snow. About 1000, snow begins falling but not sticking. At 1100, the party figures the Kobold Lair is about two hrs from their position and the keep is approximately 4 hours away. Arn continues to locate tracks and tells the rest of the party to look for tracks as well. The Kobolds seem to be keeping to the trail along the river.

At approximately 1200, a large statue is noticed off in the distance. The statue is a humanoid in armor and stands about 10ft into the air but its waistline is at ground level. Marick tells the party that these statues are dotted along the trail and are set approximately 2 miles apart. Redargen tells the party the statue looks like a “Warforged”; a race that supposedly existed prior to the Wensharian empire. The statue contains symbols in its head and chest. Arn states the symbols in its head is a Nova Star and could be associated with Pelor. He also states the symbol in its chest is an Ankh; an ancient symbol of healing and life.

As the party nears the statue, Redargens staff heats up. Upon entering an area within 10ft of the statue, Redargens staff sends fireballs into the Ankh and Nova Star symbol. The statue comes alive and attacks the party. During the melee, Marick is knocked into Kriven. marick retaliates with a solid hit on the statue and Acan lands the final blow; splintering the statue. The party determines that something may not be right with the staff Redargen is wielding and will continue to monitor it as the symbols on the statue led the party to believe it was a good entity.

At roughly 1300, the trail to the lair breaks away and heads into the mountains. At approximately 1330, the party notices a large group of Kobolds hanging out around what looks like some ancient, magical manifestation (magical circle). The party successfully surprises the group of 13 Kobolds and dispatches them. Additional yipping is heard from the direction of the waterfall but no additional attacks are forthcoming. Redargen states the magical circle looks permanent. Party members that enter the area feel more accurate and the party assumes the circle will increase the accuracy of attacks.

Upon further inspection, the party locates three openings in the side of the mountain. One behind the waterfall and two additional openings to the sides of the waterfall. At about 1400, the party decides Marick will enter from the right side as the rest of the party goes through the waterfall making as much noise as possible. The plan is made due to the yipping sounding as if it is coming from inside the waterfall.

Upon moving through the waterfall, the party encounters six Kobolds that are easily dispatched but the encounter is just beginning. Marick comes through the right entrance and encounters two additional Kobolds but easily dispatches them and Acan moves to the left after entering the area and dispatches an additional two Kobolds. After entering the Kobold Lair, the party moves through it but fierce fighting meets every step forward. During the fight, Marick is knocked unconscious and Kriven almost falls. Eventually the party is successful and defeats 18 Kobolds of various strength, a large Goblin and a worm priest. As the Goblin is killed, he yells an oath to Orcus and Callaral to prepare his way.

Treasure from in the lair is 450gp, 48sp, a chain shirt, battle axe, scalemail armor, a hammer, small pouch with a silver key and message scroll. The hammer has religious symbols covering it and they are for Zuoken (God of physical and mental mastery), a Wensharian. Kriven keeps the scalemail armor as it is of Dwarven make and magical. The message scroll tells of a spy in Foyer. Additionally, it tells of Callaral opening a rift within the next couple days. The party finds the message to be disturbing as it tells of visitors to be expected here but the timing seems like the message would of had to be written prior to the party deciding to head this direction in support of anyone other than Marick.

At roughly 1600, the weather turns worse; sleet and freezing rain begins to pelt the ground. The party decides to camp in the lair for the night. The night passes without incident, although, some yipping is heard around the area.

0600, 3 Dec 507 BE, the party awakes to snow covering the ground. They travel for about an hour and through discussions decide to keep an eye out for additional magical manifestations as Douven Stall was known to be researching them. After about another mile, the party sees another statue. It is laying on its side and is covered in snow. The party avoids the statue and continues on toward the keep. At approximately 1000, the party arrives outside Shadow fang Keep. The snow is bright and provides a glare to the party members but a Wyvern flag is seen still flying.

Per Marick’s suggestion, the party crosses the river and comes up to the Keep from the backside. The party closes to within 1,000ft and look down on the keep. A guard is seen making rounds about every half hour. The Keep is in great disrepair but a path is easily seen entering one of the buildings. The party decides to ambush the lone Goblin guard. After dispatching the guard, the party dashes across the open interior area to the building that has tracks leading to it. The party decides to stop play at the top of the stairs, out of sight of anyone outside.

Treasure that needs divided still consists of chainmail (shirt), battle axe, hammer of Zuoken, 455gp, 71sp and an obsidian dragon necklace with symbol of Orcus on it.



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