Interlude at Foyer

20 Novus, 507 BE: The party awoke to snow on the ground. Marick searched out Arn and Kriven to enlist their aid in going after the Goblins. Arn was given leave to go and Kriven decided to assist. All party members agreed a rest was needed, though, and Redargen planned to travel to Landfall to provide information to his friend, Flagrant. Upon his return to Foyer the party plans to travel to the West and see if they can find anything more about what is going on with the Goblin build up.

21 Novus: Redargen departs via boat towards Landfall (Cost: 2 gold). It is about 90 miles downstream to the city of Landfall. With normal winds keelboats can make the journey in about three days downstream (30/day), while it takes about five days to return upstream (20/day) to Foyer. Most of the time keelboats anchor overnight by the riverside, but most generally stop at the city of Milieu on night two of downstream travel, and night three of upstream travel.

22 Novus: Marik manages to somehow convince Sgt Ahtarms that sending scouts out to the ruins of Xar Senkrad, the old keep in the mountains, is a good idea. Marik sets out with Garabaldi, Clarence, and Natalie to find out if anything has changed there recently. Other than being infested with kobolds of course.

23 Novus: Surolav invites Arn to discuss the establishment of the Temple in Foyer with the Lord Marshall Nicholas Ferenczy. It seems the Sgt Ahtarms had something good to say about rooting out the AI incursion. Representatives from the Old Faith and the Temple of Pelor thank Surolav and encourage the Temple of Bahamut’s establishment locally. Several adjoining buildings have been bought and are available to create a compound for the Temple of Bahamut.

23 Novus: Marik makes it to the ruins if the keep just before nightfall and after watching for a while, they hear goblin drums and see kobolds and a large goblin placing a red wyvern banner on a ruined tower. Marik and the scouts plan to head back to foyer the next day.

24 Novus: Redargen makes it to Landfall that evening and spends the time eating dinner with Flagrant at the Astronomer’s Guild. Flagrant is very pleased with Redargen’s luck in finding the last resting place of Rakul Infernus. He provides Redargen with a copy of his latest book, “Five Famous Wensharian Wizards, A Study of the Corruption of War”. Flagrant is not pleased by the dark aura he senses around Rakul’s staff, and promises to do more research.
Marik and the scouts travel back down the Nepthys river towards town.

25 Novus, Redargen boards the keelboat on his return journey to Foyer.

26 Novus: Kriven is in town when he encounters another lizardman named Darcula. Darcula works for the King of Landfall’s court, and is a member of the special honor guard provided to the House of Rogear by the clans of Shiss-Tor. He explains there are currently six members of the honor guard, and he is ranked 4th. He is slightly smaller than Kriven. He seems taken aback by Kriven’s coloration, but then explains that since he has worked for the king for nearly 25 years, he has learned a little bit more tolerance.

28 Novus: Arn is approached by a young female cleric of Pelor. She states that there are rumours and signs indicating that there may be a death cult in the area. There are also several unexplained disappearances among the locals. After the success of his last mission she is willing to offer 250 gp to find and eradicate the cult. Surolav indicates the Temple’s willingness to help, but leaves the details to Arn to determine.

29 Novus: Redargen returns to Foyer and finds a message has been left for him by a scholar associated with the Lord Marshall’s aide, Craven. The scholar claims that the ruins in and around the area of Xar Senkrad pre-date even the Wensharian Empire in antiquity. (Which is highly unlikely) However he is willing to pay 250 gp for research into the area and a map of the ruins.

Next session begins morning of 30 Novus, 507 BE.



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