Initiate Quest to Old Keep

Party members met the morning of 30 Novus, 507 BE, a the True Dwarf Alehouse without Marick. Each of the members shared information gleaned from the previous two weeks. Arn had received a request for help from the church of Pelor. Kriven had met one of the Lizard Men Guards for the King. Redargen had been contacted by a scholar working for the Lord Marshal.

During the discussions, Marla (Priestess of Pelor)requested an audience with Arn. She stated she had information regarding a rumored death cult operating in the area. She also claimed to have the corpse of a farmer that had been killed but was covered in sacrificial markings. Additionally, she stated multiple disappearances of local townsfolk had come to the attention of the local Pelor populace. One of the recent missing persons was a sage named Douven Stall.

The party decided to split up to gain additional information regarding the missing people and rumors of a death cult in the area. Arn went with Marla to investigate the body of the dead farmer and Redargen went to locate information regarding the missing Sage. Kriven left the Alehouse first in an attempt to get a map of landfall that the party could maintain possession of and ran into Acan.

Acan had heard of the party and their accomplishments in Valhingen Graveyard and offered to provide his services to the party. Kriven invited him along to meet Sergeant Ahtarms. While meeting with Sergeant Ahtarms, Redargen showed up. Kriven introduced Acan to Redargen and left. Redargen asked Sergeant Ahtarms questions regarding the Sage and was told Valthrun would be the best person in town to answer questions regarding the Sage.

Redargen then went to the tower of Valthrun by way of the Alehouse to let Marick know Sergeant Ahtarms was looking for him. During this time, Arn was working with the Priestess of Pelor and learning about the final minutes of the unfortunate farmer. Arn verified the body had markings of a ritualistic nature on the wrists and ankles. He was also successful in recreating the last moments of the unfortunate persons life and saw the farmer being grabbed by Goblins who were working for a Priest of Orcus. Orcus is a Demon who is worshipped as a God. His followers are masters of the undead and could be the source of the death cult growth in the area.

As Arn was completing his investigation, Redargen came to the door of the tower where Valthrun resided. Valthrun did not answer his door and so Redargen left a note requesting an audience with him and proceeded to his room in the inn. As he got into his room he proceeded to meditate and found out Douvan Stall is considered an expert in stellar alignments and planer conjunctions. Mr. Stall has been missing for two days. Redargen then went back to the Alehouse. Upon arriving at the Alehouse, Redargen found he was the last person in and Acan had already been introduced to the rest of the party. A discussion took place regarding possible courses of action and at about 1500 Valthrun knocked on the door. He stated he had met Mr. Stall and that Mr. Stall seemed to be a pretty nice guy. He verified Mr. Stall had only recently begun to reside in Foyer and was planning on staying awhile. He also stated Mr. Stall was researching magical manifestations. The last time Valthrun had seen Mr. Stall was four days previous and could not point to any reason why Mr. Stall may have been targeted. Valthrun did state no death cult had operated in the area for more than 150 years and the Old Keep was once a location used to imprison “darkness”. Valthrun stated he would research the topic more and get back to Arn.

As Valthrun readied to leave he told a story about a man named Sir Keegan who was High Lord of the Keep. Apparently, Sir Keegan was a Paladin of Bahamet but went mad while guarding the Keep. He proceeded to kill the inhabitants of the Keep, beginning with his own family. Finally, the soldiers in the Keep were able to push Sir Keegan into the Bowels of the Keep and lock him in

The party decided to proceed to the Keep the next day to investigate the Keep due to Goblins being seen there by Marick and the discussions of the death cult being linked to Goblins. Prior to leaving, Redargen located Avid and invited him to come along as well.

The morning of 1 Dec, 507 BE, the party of Arn, Redargen, Marick, Kriven, Acan and Avid left Foyer by ferry across the river. As the ferry dropped off the party on the Northern side of the river headed into Nepthys Valley, snow covered the ground. The snow was very dry and was blowing around. It had drifted into many locations and provided large piles in some places and bare ground in other places. The party proceeded up the valley on the Northern side of the river, against Marick’s suggestions to stay to the South.

At approximately 1200 the wind picked up and became very uncomfortable. Footprints were seen in the snow where the wind could not touch. Acan identified the prints as those made by Kobolds. Shortly after seeing the prints, the party engaged eight Kobolds and dispatched them. Acan proved he is a valuable member of the party as he slayed a couple Kobolds quickly with arrows. The party found six javelins, which were divided up between Arn and Kriven.

Approximately three hours later, the party was surprised by spiders. The engagement went well for the party and nobody was seriously injured while four of five spiders were killed. The final spider escaped the area. No treasure was found and the party decided to continue toward the Keep. No other encounters happened throughout the day and the party decided to camp throughout the night. Kobold noises were heard throughout the night all around the camp but no attacks were forthcoming.

2 Dec dawned and the party continues on. The trail is found to be trapped as Marick falls into a pit. Due to his acrobatic skills he doesn’t take any damage. As he leaps out of the pit, Arn sees a group of Kobolds in the distance running from the area. A few more steps down the path and Marik is seen dodging spears for his life. He successfully dodges all the spears but one and takes minor damage. The party decides, with Arn’s assistance, to get off the path and continue. At approximately 0900, the party is engaged by five Kobolds. Marick strikes from the forest and Kriven fights exceptionally well. The Kobolds are dispatched and the party searches them for treasure. 5gp, 23sp and a necklace are found. The necklace contains a figurine of a dragon made from obsidian stone and it came from a Kobold Shaman. After further inspection, the figurine contains the symbol of Orcus engraved into it.

Marick and Acan determine we are close to the lair for the Kobolds and enlighten the party to the fact that Kobolds are territorial. They will fight within their territory until an enemy proves they are more powerful. If that happens, the Kobolds will cease attacking them unless they attack the Kobold lair. Due to our success, both Marick and Acan determine we are probably nearing the time when the Kobolds will no longer attack us just for being in the area. However, the party has determined they are going to seek out the lair due to one of the Shaman bearing the symbol of Orcus. After investigating the lair, the party plans to continue on to the Keep as Marick stated a Goblin tribe seemed to be moving in. The tribe displays a Wyvern flag and nobody in the area has heard of Wyvern tribe of Goblins.



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