The Wensharian Empire

Rise of Wensharia

Crest 02The kingdom of Wenshar slowly formed from cities and towns along the coastline of Brass Bay, in the center of the Alyndrican continent. In those early days much of the surrounding lands were empty of civilization, with scattered city states and minor kingdoms struggling to exist after the decline of the Centarian Age.

Wenshar was a kingdom of warriors and heroes, dedicated to expanding the boundaries of civilization. They were followers of the Draconic Faith and the Pantheon (an order of powers dedicated to discipline and self improvement).

The kingdom grew rapidly, defeating the monsters of the wilderness and expanding its borders. To this day it is hard to understand the rapid rise of Wenshar to dominate central Alyndrica, though perhaps it’s willingness to accept all risks to bring peace to the land, and the unprecedented power of it’s mages, solve a portion of the riddle.

Soon the kingdom was large enough to form the Principality of Crondor, ruled by the heir to the throne of Wensharia. Great magic’s and powerful items were built and discovered during this time. Wondrous cities were built and the kingdom grew. The famous Mage-King Solmany (meaning “blessed by light”), known to this day as the wisest and most powerful of Wensharia’s rulers, ruled over a long and prosperous reign. The borders of Wensharia soon encountered the Centarian Age kingdoms of Tar Nova and Shandrilar, and alliances were struck, to the benefit of all.

With its borders stretching from the forests in the east to the shores of the Dracaenus Sea, Wensharia was at the peak of its power. Many smaller, now forgotten kingdoms were absorbed into the realm. The armies were strong and the populace was protected and happy.


The Wensharian Empire

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