The Pantheon

Gods of reason, magic, and physical and mental masteryPantheon logo

Alignment: Varied

Description: The Pantheon are a group of deities that were previously worshiped by the Wensharian Empire before their slide into decadence and the resulting civil war. Some say the reason for the turn of the Wensharian Empire away from the Pantheon and towards totalitarianism was the subverting influence of various devil worshiping cults.

The Pantheon believes in mental acuity, reason, and the use of knowledge as power. They are proponents of physical and mental mastery, striving for enlightenment and perfection in all things.

Pantheon Priests are loosely ranked with titles corresponding to their level of understanding and reason. Pupil, Scholar, Mentor, Preceptor, and Sensei. Equivalent to Sensei, but outside of the standard church hierarchy are those titled Perfect, individuals who are considered to have reached ultimate reason and enlightenment.

Scattered temples to various deities remain within the previous domain of Wensharia, but as a whole the Pantheon seems to be on decline after the fall of the Wensharian Empire.

  • Ensure Reason and intellect must prevail in all decisions.
  • Always strive for Physical and Mental improvement and set the example for others.
  • Genies and Demons must be bound and constrained wherever found.

The Pantheon

Diety Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio Devotees
Rao* Good Rod Wisdom, Serenity, Magic, Jinn Rulers, Teachers, Clerics, Wizards
Anshar Evil Morningstar Darkness, Shadows, Combat
Kuan Yin Good .. Mercy, Compassion, Peace ..
Raiden* Unaligned Quarterstaff Storms, Combat, Protection Warriors, Monks, Channelers
Ereshkigal Unaligned Rod or Staff The Dead, Magic, Fate
Girru Good Battleaxe Fire, Protection, Cleansing
Ishtar Unaligned(G) Rod or Mace Love and War, Healing, Magic Fighters, Healers, Bards, Channelers
Xan-Yai Unaligned Falchions Twilight, Shadows, Stealth Thieves, Rogues, Assassins
Zuoken Good Bare Hand Physical and Mental Mastery Monks, Pschics, Warriors
Tvashtri* Unaligned Rod and Fan Crafts, Artifice, Knowledge Blacksmiths, Crafters, Inventors

* non-active

Dogma:Followers of the Pantheon believe that if they reach a certain level of understanding and enlightenment, their soul will travel to the Sea of Tranquility in the heavens. The shore of the Sea of Tranquility lies at the base of a mighty and majestic mountain, Mt Celestia. From there their soul will ascend the mountain until it reaches the appropriate heaven for their level of enlightenment. The light of an invisible sun illuminates the front side of the mountain, the color of the sky changing as you ascend the mountain. The seven plateaus/layers of understanding are:

  • Lunia: Awareness (moonlight)
  • Mecuria: Insight (dawn)
  • Venya: Inspiration (daylight)
  • Solania: Understanding (silver glow)
  • Mertion: Acceptance (silver glow)
  • Jovar: Unity (golden glow)
  • Chronias: Illumination (???)

According to the faith, behind Mt Celestia lies a land of shadow and darkness filled with sinners and those who deliberately cast aside reason and understanding. Travelling deeper into the shadow leads towards the realm of Acheron, an endless darkened battleground for the lost.

Some sects of the Pantheon tell of those who ascend the mountain by travelling the path between the light and the darkness, and that various monasteries and temples are built along this route for those of pure reason and intellect, unburdened by questions of morality.


The Pantheon

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