Templum Vermis

Gods/devils of wyrms, serpents, and snakes. Templum vermis

Alignment: Varied(Lawful)

Description: The most common deities in the rustic/countryside areas of Landfall are the “Old Faith” a nature/wind based group of deities.

The Old Faith deities tend to the natural order of the world, and are venerated for their power over the growing of crops, the coming of rain, the harvest of the sea, and the successful hunt. Prayers are also given to gain protection from the wrath of nature.

There are both druidic cults of the old faith, and temples of clerics to the various deities, with the Temple of Danaan being the most common. Followers of the Old Faith are commonly anyone with strong ties to nature.

  • The ends justify the means.
  • Respect the cycle of seasons and the natural order of life.
  • Undead are a defiance of the natural order and should be destroyed wherever found.
Templum Vermis
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Dogma: Followers of the Old Faith have a unique view on faith and religion, as most of the deities of the faith are spirits, but the main spirit Danaan, is also worshipped as a goddess.

Followers of the Old Faith believe in an ongoing and continual cycle of life and death. Worshippers that are close to nature are absorbed back into the life force of the world when they pass on, contributing to the natural growth and health of the world. For most beings this means becoming one with the world itself, but for a rare few it means reincarnation in a circle of constant improvement and service to the world. Others may join or become the manifestation of a natural feature or spirit of the world.

Naturally with this view on life, death, and re-birth, there is no concept of heaven or hell. People live, become one with the world, or fade into oblivion.


Templum Vermis

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