Religions of Alyndrica

Old Faith
Imperial Temple
The Pantheon
The Draconic Dogma

By Grouping

Old Faith: These deities are worshiped throughout the kingdoms but are primarily concentrated in the rural and rustic areas of the region. It is considered a peasant/working class faith for the farmers by the nobility, although there are rumors of an ancient order of knights devoted to a code of honor and the ways of the Old Faith.

Imperial Temple: In the chaos and decades after the civil war, the gods of the Imperial Temple, led by Mithral and his daughter, became a stabilizing force in the Varencian Empire. As many of the people in the empire have some shared ancestry with Varencia, worship of the Imperial Temple is fairly common among the merchants and the noblemen. The temple is a source of good in the empire, although some fear its influence is rigged towards annexing many of the surrounding kingdoms into its sphere of influence.

The Pantheon: Many kingdoms and temples of Alyndrica have their roots in the old Wensharian kingdoms. As a result, scattered temples and monasteries to the old gods of the Pantheon can be encountered throughout the area.

The Draconic Dogma: Followers of this faith believe that the three mighty dragons of ancient times are more than just dragons, they are powerful deities that helped create and protect the cosmos. Bahamut, Shekinester, and Tiamat can be worshipped both individually or as a pantheon/philosophy. The Draconic Dogma is seen as archaic faith that is in decline.

Elven Philosophy and Faith: The majority of elves revere the spirits of nature, the world, and their ancestors. The elvish people do not normally worship deities, but some instead revere heroes and paragons of a virtue or skill that they admire. An offshoot of elves, rarely spoken off, has turned to demon worship and darkness.

The Vaesir: are the gods of the dwarven race, the Tuathan people of Sidheon and Valista, and the Korsic barbarians. Common folklore is that the dwarves and barbarians brought the faith with them from an unknown land.

By Location

The Free State of Landfall: The Temple of Light (Pelor) is the religion of state in Landfall. The Old Faith is followed out in the rustic farming areas. The Temple of Flame (Girru) also has a strong presence in the area.

Sunaria: The Temple of Ishtar is the most common religion in the Monarchy of Sunaria. Ishtar, Daughter of Lions, the goddess of love and war, healing and magic, is the primary deity of the entire region, and her temple is the patron religion of both the government and the military.

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Religions of Alyndrica

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