Divine Aura

All divine beings have a divine aura or presence that can awe mortals, instill leadership, increase morale, or cause weaker opponents to flee in terror, lose consciousness, go into shock, or even die of heart failure.

A divine aura is a glorious revelation of divinity of an aura will see the deity as a great, powerful being. But depending on the circumstances they may not necessarily give up fighting, let go of the gemstone, or otherwise drop what they’re doing at the moment.

A primal shield can nullify one divine aura, and a divine aura can counter another divine aura to a certain extent. To project a divine aura, a deity must be physically present and currently carrying at least 51% of his or her primal base. The aura will radiate from the point where this base is located. The following table shows the effects a lesser deity might have on a variety of targets:

Godling or Demigod Awed
Master or legendary character Dazed
Other mortals Overwhelmed

Awed: Experiencing an aura generally has a very positive effect on a deity’s worshipers; usually this manifests as a surge in morale and generally heightened activity. If non worshipers fail their resistance rolls, they immediately lapse into a state of awe. They can no longer make any offensive moves. In addition, if a character is somehow philosophically opposed to the deity (of an opposite alignment or opposing political party, for instance), the character will become completely enraptured, and will be unable to do anything as long as the aura is in effect.

Dazed: If the characters fail their resistance rolls, they pass out. Character sphilosphically opposed to the deity must make another resistance roll, or experience heart failure and possibly death.

Overwhelmed: If the characters fail their resistance rolls, they die immediately of heart failure. If they manage the first resistance roll, they must make another or pass out for a full day. If they make it past that, they must make yet another roll or flee for a full hour; there is no magical counter for this. Characters philosophically opposed to the deity die of shock immediately, with no resistance roll.

The above chart should be used only for lesser, greater, or supreme deities. For godlings and demigods, downgrade the effect by one level of severity, awed would become no effect, dazed would become awed, and overwhelmed would become dazed. Deities may project a lesser effect if they so desire. Deities who wish to oppose another deity’s aura just project their own auras and will them to counteract the original aura. In this situation, characters affected by the first aura cannot be dazed or overwhelmed, these are reduced to awed. The only restriction is that the divine auras can cancel each other only where they physically overlap.

Divine Aura

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