Game Session 4 Dec 2010

Session started with the party moving North East at 1000, 17 Novus, 507 BE. The area was littered with single story crumbling buildings, shrines and burial mounds. The dampness in the air and the weeping willow trees make for a dreary day. The sun is not able to rid the air of its bite until later in the day. As the party moves out, Kriven provides insight on three major battles that were fought in this area. In the North East corner was where the battle known as the fall of the 5th Legion took place; the North West is the remnants of the Griffins Fall and to the South West, is the Marsh Massacre.

The party continues toward the North East corner of the grave yard in hopes of locating the final resting place of Rakul Infernus, a Wensharian War Wizard. A group of five skeletons attacks the party and are vanquished fairly easily, however, Tantra is shocked and unable to participate in the fight. This encounter is about 1030 in the morning and the party continues to sneak through the graveyard.

As the party passes a section of a broken wall, they are attacked by 3 wisp wraiths and a regular wraith. The party is able to dispatch the small team of enemies and investigate the entrance they came from. Upon shining light into the opening, the party determines they should just move on as the location is not where the wizard fell.

At about 1230, the party enters a cathedral to find a pile of shields, swords and armor in the middle of the floor. The inscriptions on the equipment is to the 1st regiment of the army of Landfall. The outside of the Cathedral has a plaque naming the burial as the place of the 1st Regiment of the 5th legion. As this is not where a Wensharian wizard would be, the party decides to leave without disturbing the final burial location of this legion.

As the party his headed in the direction of another building, approximately the other side of an imaginary line of battle, they spot a large burial mound with swords sticking out of it. The party decides to investigate. Marick pulls one of the swords from the ground and Redargen, with the assistance of Arn, climb the mound.

The top of the mound has a tree on top of a slab of concrete. The party removes the tree and opens the slab. At approximately 1330, the party descends into the burial mound because the slab has solar symbols surrounded by a bonfire covering it and, due to the symbolism, a good possibility exists of this being the final resting place of the wizard.

Upon descending to the floor of the burial mound, the party is attacked by zombies. The zombies are quickly dispatched and an effort begins to search the interior of the mound. A set of stairs leading down is uncovered and the party descends to the next level. Prior to entering the room at the bottom of the steps, the party sees it is filled with creatures surrounding a dais. It is finally decided that Kriven will lead the way into the room and upon entering it the creatures attack.

A large battle ensues with zombies, soldier wraiths and a spectre working against the party. The spectre is the deceased wizard we have been searching for. The party survives the encounter but is badly beaten up. The room is searched and the party concludes the final resting place of Rakul Infernus is this mound. Treasure was taken and the party left the mound. Upon exiting, the party re-sealed the mound and headed North to leave the graveyard as quickly as possible.

Upon leaving the graveyard the party encountered a witch disguised as a beautiful elven maiden. A conversation ensued between the witch and Arn and the two decided to go their separate ways in peace. The party moved into the forest and turned due West, toward the river. prior to reaching the river, the party found a suitable place to camp and rested.

While in camp the party divided the following treasure among all members:
– 600sp – 400gp – set of Wensharian daggers
– 3 javelins – Staff (magical) – Shield (magical)
– Long Sword (magical)

Treasure that still needs distributed:
– 2 gems (100gp each) – misc jewelry

The intention of the party is to return to the graveyard (morning of 18 Novus, 507 BE) and investigate if the Anguis Imperium have established a base. Upon completion of the investigation, the party will return to Foyer and report their findings.

Game Session 27 Nov 10

Game began 15 Novus, 507 BE (Year of the Sun)

PCs began separated from one another and unknown to each other in the town of Foyer. The Horse Guard, stationed in Foyer, requested assistance scouting the Northern portions of the Wyvern Forest for elements of the Anguis Imperium. Kriven hired on as a mercenary and Arn provided assistance in the name of the new temple of Bahamut. Redargon joined the quest to gain assistance scouting out an old battlefield, Valhingin Graveyard, for the final resting place of a Wensharian Battlewizard (Rakul Infernus). Prior to joining the expedition North, Redargon enlisted the aid of Marik. Marik professed to be a scout familiar with the paths to the Valhingin Graveyard.

The morning of 16 Novus, 507 BE, the band met with Sgt Ahtarms of the Horse Guard for a final send off. The Horse Guard added three additional individuals to the party (Garibaldi, Clarence and Natalie) and agreed to provide 20gp/each for all party members returning from the expedition. A party of seven left the village of Foyer at approximately 0600 and Arn, priest of Bahamut, was proclaimed the leader of the band.

The party traveled along the well worn trading road between Foyer and Canticle to the edge of the forest. At the edge of the forest, the party met a couple of peddlers heading to Foyer. The peddlers reported the road ahead as being free of danger. The party continued into the forest, following the trade route to Canticle. Approximately 1500, at a junction in the river, the party met Tantra. She offered to provide directions to Valhingin Graveyard through the wilderness; reducing the travel time by hours. The party decided to trust Tantra as Marik and Redargen both knew her as the daughter of Sgt Ahtarms of the Horse Guard.

As dusk was approaching, Tantra spotted a Wyvern in the sky and it attacked the group. The group successfully vanquished the Wyvern and moved away from the site of battle to make a camp for the night. The night passed without incident and the party continued to press toward the graveyard early on 17 Novus.

An hour after beginning the day, the party encountered members of the Anguis Imperium (Soldier (Officer?), Mage/Cleric, Gladiator and four other fighters). The party defeated these members and took two prisoners. The prisoners informed the party they were looking for Kriven and assisting an infiltration group based in the graveyard. Additionally, Kriven enlightened the party to seeing a lizard bird several times up to this point and the party instructed him that is was probably a familiar. A lizard bird was seeing leaving the battlefield at the conclusion of the engagement.

The party decided to send Garibaldi, Clarence and Natalie back to Foyer with the prisoners as Clarence was badly injured in the previous skirmish. Additionally, Foyer needed to know what was happening and the party decided they could continue to the graveyard with five folks.

At approximately 0900, 17 Novus the party came upon the Valhingin Graveyard. Unfortunately, the graveyard was on the other side of a river that spanned 300ft. Each of the party members chose a different approach to crossing and all made it safely. Upon reaching the far side of the river, the party discussed where the most likely place of finding the wizards final resting place would be. The final decision was the North East quadrant as the historical texts all pointed to that area as the last stand of a great wizard.

The party headed to the North East and was ambushed. The hardest battle to date ensued in a marshy land, full of Weeping Willows. Although the party was badly beaten up, they were victorious and planned to continue on to the site of the great battle in the North East portion of the graveyard. At the conclusion of this encounter a lizard bird was seen and Marik killed it with a shuriken.

The party treasure received that has yet to be distributed is:
120gp and a scroll with a map of the ruins


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