Songenvita, the Opposer of Life

+5 black broadword with handle of human bone.

weapon (melee)

Songenvita is a broadsword with a black blade 42" long. The blade is composed of galvorn, a mithril/adamantium alloy. It has the shimmering layered look of fine steel. The blade has blood grooves running down each side. The guard is made of silver, inlaid with obsidian circles. The handle is made of magically strengthened human bone. The pommel is a flattened disk of silver with unknown runes.

Functions as a sword of wounding with each hit upon a target. If a crit is rolled, it performs as a sword of life stealing. The sword can be wielded by members of any alignment, but anyone touching under 5th level is affected as if they had been hit in combat (roll a straight d20 to check for crit).


Songenvita, the Opposer of Life

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