Hellfire Staff

Hellfire staff of Rakul Infernus

Hellfire Staff
Aura: strong evocation CL: 13th
Slot: none Price: Weight: 5 lbs.
This staff is made of wood and cold iron, with faded, hard to discern runes carved along it’s length. It always emanates a slight warmth as if it was alive. It allows use of the following spells:

Light (0 charges, centered on end of staff)
Burning Hands (1 charge)
Fireball (2 charges)
Fire Shield (3 charges)
Wall of Fire (3 charges)
Hellfire” (? charges)

The staff may be used as a weapon, functioning as a +1 quarterstaff.

The staff may also be used as an implement, with its magical plus adding to the to hit roll/damage and DC of spells cast by the wielder.


Rakul infernusThe personal staff implement of a very powerful Wensharian Battlewizard, Rakul’s Hellfire staff was invested with much of his personal power, retaining it’s potency years after his death during the Wensharian civil wars.

Hellfire Staff

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