G1 Goblin Mechanisms


Goblin Mechanism/Weapon Table

Weapon Name Cost Dmg Critical Range Type Crew Aim Load Speed
Portable Ballista 750 gp 2d8 19-20/x2 120 ft P 1 0 2* 10 ft
Goblin Grenado - 1d6+1/2 20 20/40

Portable Ballista: Goblin engineers mounted a light ballista onto a circular platform that can be strapped onto a wagon or set in place. At the rear of the platform there is a chair for the goblin firing the ballista. In front of the chair are several levers and a crank handle. By manipulating the levers and the crank, the goblin can swing the aim of the ballista in a 270 degree arc. The goblin has a 90 degree arc blindspot to his rear. Aiming the ballista is a move action, and firing it is a standard action. The ballista is loaded with a magazine holding five arbalest bolts, which allows the ballista to be reloaded as a swift action.

If the ballista misses the target by 2 or less, then it does an area burst one of shrapnel in a random square around the target for 1d8 damage, which a reflex save can cut to half.

A goblin portable ballista suffers a misfire on a natural 1 and a mishap on a natural 2-4. (standard PFRD rules) An “explosion” only damages the person firing the weapon.

G1 Goblin Mechanisms

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