weapon (melee)

…AD&D stats…

by Ed Greenwood

Legend speaks of a great, many-hued blade of which the origin has been forgotten, but which was wielded by the great paladin Nord in his single-handed destruction of the Citadel of Conjurers. It is written that he overthrew succubi and glabrezu “beyond number” with his sword Demonbane, and caused the summoned demon-lord’ Ndulu to flee from this plane. Demonbane earned its name in this battle, but its whereabouts now are not known. Nord disappeared shortly after the fall of the citadel, and “not a stone of his keep remained when the sun rose that morning” (or so write the sages).

With Demonbane in hand, a warrior is rendered immune to all enchantment/charm spells cast by demons, and gains a +3 bonus on saving throws vs. other magical attacks by demons. The user will also become unusually alert, and can only be surprised on a 1 in 12 chance.

Demonbane glows with a cold, blue light (equal to a light spell in effect) when brought within 60’ of a demon, and emits no light at
any other time. It can cause a demon’s amulet to shatter at a touch (amulet must save vs. disintegration).

The weapon is a bastard sword with a +3 bonus “to hit” and on damage normally, improving to +5 when used against demonkind.
Only fighters and good-aligned members of fighter subclasses may use this weapon; it will fall immediately from the grasp of anyone else who tries to seize it. Naturally, this sword has earned the utter hatred of all demons and can be identified at a glance by any of them. Anyone using this sword will gain the instant and permanent wrath of all demons who see him, who will communicate the sword’s location and ownership to all their fellows.

Experience Point Value: 4000
Gold Piece Sale Value: 20,000


Ed Greenwood, Dragon Magazine #91, 2 November 1984.


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