Session began with the party discussing the current plans for the Keep with Mark Martikus, Petrov and Elista (Commanders from Bahamut, Platinum Talons and Pelor). Douvon Stall inspected the portal and came to the conclusion that it is closed but still in existence. He recommends to everyone that a guard be kept on the portal continuously. The Commanders continue to discuss the situation with the portal and the rest of the party just listens. Arn presents some issues that need thought about and also provides some needed solutions. Douvon Stall states the portal is an opening to other worldly dimensions but it is neither good nor evil. Additionally, he provides some knowledge into what to look for if the portal begins to be opened. The party decides to rest for the night with the knights and in the morning heads back to Foyer.

6 Dec 507 BE, the party awakens and begins the trek to Foyer. As they exit the ruins, the party notices additional ruins in the area. The Keep is just the beginning of a much larger complex of ruins. Discussion about returning to investigate the rest of the ruins are entertained but no definite plans were forthcoming.

After a bit of travel, the party notices a small bundle in the middle of the path. After further investigation a wooden bench is found with an offering of wheat, bread, a badger head and other stuff. The party accepts the offering and continues on.

A bit later the party notices a new statue along the path. Arn is in a hurry to get back to Foyer but the party investigates the statue for a minute. Marick walks up to the statue and pushes it over and as the party leaves, it stands back up. Marick returns to the statue and apologizes for pushing it over but doesn’t get any response. The rest of the party continues to travel back to Foyer.

As Marick catches up to the rest of the party, a Wyvern with a Goblin on its back flies over. The party scatters looking for cover but are seen by the Goblin. The Goblin is assumed to be a scout as it doesn’t descend on the party. As the evening approaches, the party decides to find a camp and rest for the night.

Morning, 7 Dec 507 BE, the party awakes to find the statue from the road standing on the outskirts of the camp. Arn invites the statue to travel with the party to Foyer but gets no response. The party notices numerals on the forehead of the statue and use numeric as a naming convention for it. The party heads out and plans to enter Foyer before the day is out.

At approximately 1600, the party encounters a human and a gnome with a broke wagon. The party offers assistance and finds out this is a trap as bandits are hiding all around. A fight breaks out as 2 hobgoblin archers, an ogre wizard, a lizardman and 4 humans join the fray. The party dispatches them as the statue comes to their assistance. Again, Arn invites the statue to travel with the party as they continue into town.

Upon entering town, the party travels in their own directions. Marick decides to go drinking and carousing, Acan returns to The True Dwarf Ale House and gets some food, Arn returns to his order, Kriven visits Sgt Ahtarms, Redargen seeks out Craven and the statue follows Arn wherever he goes.

The party hangs out in town for the remainder of the night and enjoys the hospitality of the Ale House.

8 Dec 507BE, the party awakes and decides to make a trip to Landfall for multiple purposes. Arn is delivering information for his order, Redargen is interested in doing some research regarding his staff and the new quiet companion and Kriven wants to visit his homeland eventually. The party catches a boat and spends 8, 9 & 10 Dec traveling to Landfall. The evening of 10 Dec 507BE, the party enters Landfall.

Party Treasure is:
Chain shirt (normal) Battle axe (normal)
Hammer of Zuoken (no magical properties) Bag of holding
50gp Natural Herbs 250gp Alchemical reagents
200gp sanctified incense 150gp Orichalcium
Scroll create holy water Scroll brew potion
250gp 50sp



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