Anguis Imperium Outpost Cont

Session began at 1200, 18 Novus, 507 BE. The party left the final encounter room from the previous session and followed a hallway to another room. The room was very large and the party noticed four human Anguis Imperium preparing an ambush. The party prepared to defeat the ambush and moved into the room. An additional two Kobolds appeared on a wall, 10 ft up in front of the entrance. As Kriven moved into the room, he was struck with a sticky substance from the Kobolds and held fast. Arn was also struck with the sticky substance at the doorway. The Kobolds were defeated as Kriven engaged two of the four humans. A large boulder was dispatched to roll around the room as Marik entered the melee and engaged the two Humans that still had not attacked. after dispatching the two humans that engaged Kriven, both Kriven and Arn freed themselves of the substance and continued into the room to engage the final two humans and stay out of the way of the boulder.

Upon entering the room, three soldiers from a different raised wall attacked (they set the boulder rolling first). Marick and Arn dispatched the final two humans as Kriven leaped up steps to engage the soldiers. Prior to Kriven getting to the top of the steps, Redargen loosed a flaming burst that struck one of the soldiers solidly and injured another one. The soldiers retreated to the back of the area, out of site of the mage, and met Kriven at the top of the steps. Marik vaulted to the top of the wall and engaged the soldiers as Kriven and Arn completed ascending the steps and began to engage the soldiers. Tantra moved into the room to provide assistance with the soldiers and was attacked by a Kobold who possessed a breathe weapon and some magical capabilities.

As two of the three soldiers were defeated, two gladiator Anguis Imperium attacked Redargen from behind the boulder. Redargen took a critical hit and Fey Stepped away from the engagement. Arn turned to assist Redargen as Marik left the final soldier to fight it out with Kriven. The Gladiators pursued Redargen and dropped him as an Anguis Imperium mage (Zarkan) arose on another raised platform to engage the party. The rolling boulder missed Tantra but the Kobold mage was struck (not killed). Arn was engaged by the mage and unable to come to the assistance of Redargen and Marik engaged one of the gladiators.

Marik successfully dispatched a gladiator and Arn got away from the mage and engaged the other gladiator. Additionally, Arn provided assistance to Redargen to bring him back into the melee. Together, Arn and Redargen dispatched the final gladiator as Marik engaged the Anguis Imperium mage. Tantra was still locked in battle with the Kobold mage and not fairing well. She took some advice though and disengaged long enough to get out of the way of a second pass of the boulder. The Kobold was unable to get out of the way and suffered another hit from the boulder.

Finally, Redargen and Arn were able to engage the Anguis Imperium mage, Kriven dispatched the final soldier. Marick led the final assault on the Anguis Imperium mage with Redargen. The final blow was provided by Marick and Zarkan was dispatched. Arn successfully dispatched the Kobold Mage and the party was able to rest. The boulder eventually quite rolling and the party searched the area. The search provided a silver key, a piece of parchment, 60gp and a painting of Tiamat, which Kriven destroyed immediately. When questioned why he destroyed the painting, Kriven stated the Anguis Imperium had experimented on him during his captivity due to his ability to breathe lightning. The experiments were done in the name of Tiamat so now he will not tolerate anything associated with her.

During the search, Redargen found a secret door in the wall. Marick located a key lock and the silver key fit. Afterward, the party notice the parchment that was found with the key provided directions to the door. The door opened onto a natural cavern that was dark but the end showed some light. The party entered the cavern after Arn provided light from his shield. Initially the tunnel was only five feet across but about 20 feet into it, the tunnel widen to 10 feet across. The party continued down the tunnel until it opened into a large chamber that looked covered in snow. As the party entered the chamber, they noticed frozen water, possibly underground river, across the main area. The chamber was full of natural formations and inside an alcove the party spotted a man who was tied up. Arn untied the man as the rest of the party provided guards. As the man’s mouth was loosened he screamed DRAGON. The party retreated from the area to the previous room with the exception of Marick, who was hiding in the shadows. A White Dragon (Szartharrax) spotted Marick and he ran before engaging the dragon by himself.

After Marick joined the party, the door was closed and locked and the party discussed their next move. The decision was made to engage the dragon to provide a quicker exit from the area. The freed man is Avid Lorefinder (Bard) and he decided to join the party as they engaged the dragon. The party descended to the lair of the dragon again and tried to stealthily enter the area. The dragon attacked the party and a wild melee ensued. Arn provided the final blow that dispatched the dragon and the party was able to search the area. The party found 100gp, a pearl (20gp), and a scroll case with a letter inside requesting an alliance between a Goblin Chief and the White Dragon.

The party decided they had the information necessary to return to Foyer and exited the cavern. As they entered a field an Anguis Imperium Gladiator (Krayad the Butcher) challenged Kriven to battle. Kriven accepted the challenge and made a good showing but was defeated. Krayad went to kill Kriven and the rest of the party opposed him. Arn healed Kriven as Marick and Redargen attacked Krayad. A short melee ensued and Krayad was slain by Kriven.

Following the melee, Tantra stated she could get the party back to the main road with the remaining light in the day. The party camped along the road and awoke the morning of 19 Novus to a cool morning. The party traveled all day and arrived in Foyer that evening. They reported in with Sergeant Ahtarms and provided a detailed account of the previous five days. Sergeant Ahtarms stated increased Goblin activity had been noticed and compared the activity to right after the goblin wars. The Horse Guard was working to keep the information quiet currently as not to raise the alarm within the town.

Arn left to provide information to the temple of Bahamet and Kriven went with him. Redargen went to the inn to read some on goblins in the area. Arn received some knowledge of the Anguis Imperium and associations with Kobolds from his superior and Redargen found information that Goblins were mostly in the eastern portion of Landfall and his suspicions were raised regarding the proposed alliance between the Dragon and the Goblins.

Redargen found Marick at the Scouts Guild and explained his suspicions and offered to assist Marick in going after the Goblins as the party had recently learned Marik’s family had been slaughtered during the Goblin wars.

Morning of 20 Novus, 507 BE, the party awoke to snow on the ground. Marick searched out Arn and Kriven to enlist their aid in going after the Goblins. Arn was given leave to go and Kriven decided to assist. All party members agreed a rest was needed, though, and Redargen planned to travel to Landfall to provide information to his friend, Flagrant. Upon his return to Foyer the party plans to travel to the West and see if they can find anything more about what is going on with the Goblin build up.



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