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Session began with the party sleeping through the night. They made their way back to the graveyard in the early morning of 18 Novus, 507 BE. The intent is to determine if the Anguis Imperium had established a stronghold in the area. The information will be used to complete the effort the party undertook for Sergeant Ahtarms, Foyer Horse Guard Commander.

The morning was a chilly morning with frost on the trees and ground. Rain clouds were rolling in and the day was expected to continue to be chilly. As the party entered the graveyard, a large black bird (vulture?) was watching them. The party discussed the bird for a minute but ended up ignoring it and he flew off North with a flock of other birds. The party continued South into the graveyard and headed to an area that did not look as dilapidated. As the party entered an enclosed area on the Northern side of the graveyard, an enchanted forest was encountered. Singing was heard, the trees looked well tended and a brook was seen meandering through the area. The intent of the party was to enter a tower on the Southern side of the forest and get a good look around.

At approximately 0730, the party entered the tower and moved to the top. At the top of the tower, the party found a telescope and used the equipment to oversee the area. The party continued to observe the area for the next hour and at approximately 0845, the party departed the top of the tower. As they exited the tower, skeleton warriors were encountered. A total of eight skeletons attacked the party and were vanquished. Arn and Marik saw the witch from the previous day and attacked her. Arn successfully shot the witch with a javelin but Marik was unable to engage her before she ran. The party healed themselves quickly and exited the enchanted forest as soon as possible.

As the party left the forest, they decided to travel East and than South toward the center of the graveyard. They traversed a swamp area and came to an opening in a wall East of the center. Marik tried to scout the building in the middle of the graveyard but was unable to get close as he was feared. Kriven attempted to enter the area after Marik and gained similar results. Redargen explained to the party that the center building is Valhingen castle and its haunted. According to history, nobody has been able to breach the walls since the graveyard was formed. As the party was discussing this issue and trying to determine if they wanted to try to breach the feared area, an Anguis Imperium soldier was spotted trying to move stealthily through the graveyard.

Once the soldier was spotted, the party decided to leave the castle alone and worked their way South on an intercept course with the soldier. The soldier entered a ruined building before intercepting the party and so the party followed him into the ruins.

At approximately 1000, the party searched the entrance of the ruins for some way in. Redargen located a switch to a secret door and the party continued into the ruins. As the part descended steps into the first chamber a Kobold screamed a warning and Marik disposed of him. Additional Kobolds, however, entered the area and attacked. five Kobolds were eventually dispatched before the party could continue on.

The second large chamber that was entered, contained four coffins and three Kobolds in front of a makeshift altar to Tiamat. The party attacked the Kobolds but were engaged by some traps that reduced the affects long enough for a single Kobold to escape. At the conclusion of the encounter, Marik disassembled the traps, Kriven destroyed the altar to Tiamat (wasn’t willing to discuss why at this time) and the rest of the party searched the Kobolds. 60gp were found and added to party treasure.

The party continued on into the ruins and upon entering the next chamber, were assailed by two Kobolds with a skull on rope. The Kobolds used the skull to hit player characters as they entered the danger zone. The two Kobolds were dispatched as an additional four Kobolds rose up on ledges and attacked. Kriven charged the doors on the far side of the room, and busted through as two of the remaining Kobolds were dispatched. As Kriven knocked in the doors, he was attacked by two Drakes. Arn stepped up with Kriven to take on the Drakes (Lizards with wings about the size of a German Shepard) and Marik came in behind. Redargen dispatched the final Kobolds before continuing into the melee.

The Drakes were fairly formidable as they almost dispatched both Kriven and Arn before the party was able to overcome them. The party healed themselves and searched the area following the battle. An additional 100gp, a ruby (50gp) and two garnets (25gp/each) were found and added to party treasure.

The session ended with the time of day being approximately 1200, 18 Novus, 507 BE. The party has completed through area 3 of the current mission. Party treasure that still needs distributed is:
- 2 gems (100gp/each)
- miscellaneous jewelry (no value provided)
- 160gp
- Ruby gem (50gp)
- 2 garnet gems (25gp/each)


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Anguis Imperium Outpost

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