Entering Shadowfang Keep

The session began with the party at the top of stairs out of site of all enemies. The stairs are the entrance into the underground portions of the Old Keep. Snow begins to fall harder and the wind picks up. The party hears whistling from the bottom of the stairs. A single goblin is encountered and dispatched before any alarms can be raised. At the bottom of the stairs is a set of locked double doors that look like they should have been on the surface as the grand entrance. There are strange symbols on the door and seven bronze discs. The symbols are all religious and mystical in nature. The discs are arcane. They look to be a solution to the locking mechanism on the door.

Arn determines the religious symbols are of various ancient Wensharian races and they alternate between key pairings. Marick checks for traps and finds none. Redargen notices where one of the arcane symbols should be and tells Arn to move it in-place. A click is heard as the disc slides into place. Acan considers the nature of the door and determines their is nothing natural about the door. Arn moves one of the disks to align with some of the religious symbols and another click is heard. Redargen then points to where a third disc should be and once it is in-place another click. Arn determines that the greater powers should all be above and the lowers powers below — when the symbols are arranged appropriately, another click is heard. Marick decides the party is taking too long to open the door and forces the locking mechanism to allow him entrance. The door opens but not before making a huge noise that is heard reverberating through the area. The door is not able to be closed after Marick is done.

Looking into the gloom on the other side of the door, the darkness does not seem natural. There is a cavern leading to some descending stairs and nothing else is able to be seen. Arn lights his magical shield and the party enters the area. All party members are on edge and the darkness is suffocating. Light seems to be absorbed by the darkness and less area is lit by light sources than should be.

As the party members descend the stairs to another room a single goblin with a spear is encountered. He is dispatched and the group enters the room. The room is roughly square and has four pillars supporting the ceiling. Torches burn on the walls and shadows dance throughout the room. Kriven and Arn enter the room next to the walls and Marick goes through the center. Marick falls into a floor trap and is attacked by a swarm of rats. Two more goblins appear and attack the rest of the party. All creatures are eventually defeated and treasure is recovered. The treasure consists of 43gp and 51sp.

The party continues into the Keep exploring. As they enter another room they encounter a torture chamber and attack a goblin torturer and four additional goblin soldiers. The creatures are defeated with a little effort and treasure is found. The treasure consists of 50sp, 55gp and some black armor. The armor is covered in Arcane Necromantic symbols and religious symbols to a death god. Marick adorns the armor and receives +1 Deathcut Armor. As the party searches the aream they find a goblin (Splug) in a cell. The goblin offers to assist the party by providing directions to a secret passage to get to Balgram the Fat; teh clan leader for this sect of goblins.

Splug leads the party through the secret passage and into Balgram’s sleeping chambers. Balgram is found asleep and Marick moves in for the kill. Marick successfully performs a coup de grace and dispatches Balgram the Fat. Additionally, he destroys a goblin guard within the chamber with a single strike before alerting anyone to our presence.

As the party enters the sleeping chamber they can hear goblin voices on the other side of the door. The door is locked and the mechanism is on the party side of the door. The party prepares to attack the goblins on the other side of the door and once ready, opens the door. A large encounter occurs as the party attacks six large soldiers. During the battle eleven additional goblins are encountered. After some hectic fighting, the party is successful at removing the goblin threat in this area of the Keep. A key is found on Balgram’s body and a chest is also located. The treasure found is 595gp and four potions of healing. The potions are immediately distributed to party members.

It is approximately 1500, 3 Dec 507BE when the party completes looting the area. They determine to continue on through the darkness and enter level III. All lights are now at 2/3 of their expected luminescence and the darkness is really becoming a burden.

At approximately 1530, the party encounters 9 zombies and defeats them but is now a little haggard. The session ended when the zombie encounter was completed.

Undistributed party treasure is:
- Chain shirt (normal) – Battle Axe (Normal)
- Hammer of Zuoken (No magical properties)
- Obsidian Dragon Necklace w/symbol of Orcus
- 1,148gp, 172sp



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