Delving Further into Shadowfang Keep

The party rested through the night and the next session began with morning of 4 Dec 507BE. The party emerged from the secret door into the statue room. Kriven and Arn descend the steps between the two statues and are challenged by a Hobgoblin. Redargen is concerned the statues may be animated similar to the statue on the trip in. Redargen carefully passes between the statues and notices a picture of a woman with wings fighting goat headed creatures (the picture really didn’t seem to belong in this area).

As entire party descends the steps, the Hobgoblins sound an alarm and an encounter ensued at about 0630. The encounter includes 9 Goblins/Hobgoblins and a Battle Mage with a Spider. Light sources are still not radiating right but the room is filled with torches. This particular area is more of a living area than what has been encountered to this point. The battle Mage decided to attack Redargen and missed due to staff of defense ability. The lightening hit the staff and flamne erupted from the staff. The staff got hot to the touch but was maintained by Redargen. The flame erupting from the staff hit the Mage and he disintegrated. Redargen intimidated one of the Hobgoblins and toook him prisoner prior to the encounter being complete.

After the encounter is concluded, Arn and Kriven interrogate the Hobgoblin but don’t gain much information. The information gained is that Callarel is in-charge, A temple is down here, there are Hobgoblins flying on Wyverns outside the Keep and we need to be aware of traps around Callarel’s workshop. The rest of the party search the room and provide security. Treasure gained is a black sword (Deathstalker), which Marick received, 10gp and 27sp.

The party continues to explore the area and locate the Chief’s bunk room. There is nothing significant in the room and the party moves on. As the party enters a new area, they see a sign that is written in Goblin and states “Keep Out by Order of Callarel”. Party ignores the sign and into a room full of frescoes depicting an ongoing battle between light and dark forces.

At approximately 0800, the party encounters a gelatinous cube and 2 zombies. As the zombies are dispatched, they explode and cause damage to all surrounding folks. After the encounter, the party continues to explore the area and come to a room with a couple sarcophagi and a room with a chest containing Bahamut signage. When the chest was opened, a gold medallion (engraved with Dristen Keegan), platinum bracelet (engraved with Sinewine Keegan), Brush with mother of pearl handle and an amulet (stylized dragon wings around blue stone). The amulet is determined to be magic of a protective nature (safe wing amulet +1). The amulet is kept by Arn.

At approximately 0900, the party decides to open a set of ornate doors to a large room. The room contains a very large statue of a warrior in the middle and two additional statues of dragons on the far side. A small hall is seen at the other side of the room and it is lined with Cherubim. Marick enters the room to search for a safe way across the room and triggers a trap from the large statue. The trap is a sword that swings out and Marick is damaged by the trap. The rest of the party follows Marick but manages to not trigger the trap. The party successfully makes it to the other side of the room. Marick triggered both of the dragon traps and manages to disable one of them. Arn and Kriven enter the small hall lined with Cherubim and trigger a whirlpool trap. The party successfully defeats the trap but Arn and Kriven take some damage before the trap is disabled.

The session ended at the completion of disabling the trap. Undistributed treasure is:
Chainmail shirt (normal) Battle Axe (Normal)
Hammer of Zuoken (no magical properties)
Obsidian dragon necklace w/symbol of Orcus
1,158gp 199sp



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