Continuing through Shadowfang Keep

The session began at 1530, 3 Dec 507BE. Additional information was gained pertaining to the letter the party found earlier requesting humanoid slaves. The writer of the letter is Chief Krand of the Blood Reavers, who are in the area of Rappan Athuk. The letter states that messengers of Rappan Athuk will provide the way to the Chief if slave trade with Kalarel is possible.

The party continues to investigate the Keep and enters an area where the darkness is not as oppressive. Critters can be heard skittering around through the dark. The party enters a chamber that is lined with Sarcophagi of humans in plate armor. Redargen and Arn discuss with the party that this area could be where Sir Keegan is. The Sarcophagi are reminiscent of the approximate time period. The room looks like it may dead end within the darkness but a breeze is felt blowing from that end. The party decides to enter the chamber and approach the far end. As the party gets approximately half way to down the chamber a silvery white light is seen coming from another room that the chamber opens into. The party continues forward and is attacked by skeletons coming from the Sarcophagi and two archer skeletons attack from within the silvery white light at the end of the chamber. As skeletons are dispatched additional ones emerge from the Sarcophagi to continue the fight. Arn fights is way through the skeletons into the larger chamber and kneels at an altar and prays; upon completing the prayer, all skeletons run from the battle and disappear within the Sarcophagi.

Arn explains the area seems to be an altar to Bahamut and protected. A large regal platinum dragon is pictured across the dome of this room and soldiers are in relief kneeling behind the altars. As Arn is inspecting one of the altars, a secret compartment is located and six small statues of platinum/silver dragons are found. Arn explains that the statues are imbued with the blessing of Bahamut and gives all members one with the exception of Splug. After distributing the statues and a of discussion on why this area seems protected, the party decides to enter through a set of double doors into another chamber.

This chamber is untouched and beautiful. A large dragon symbol is on the floor and the pillars are ornate. The silvery/white light is still present and a Sarcophagi is seen on a raised dais at the fr end of the room. Arn steps forward to inspect it and Marick assists. After some debate on who is buried here and what we may be missing, Redargen decides to leave the place untouched. Acan follows Redargen out of the room and the other members decide to exit as well.

As soon as Arn turns to leave an explosion is heard and a large skeleton emerges from the sarcophagi. The skeleton warrior turns out to be Sir Keegan and we convince him to aid us in closing the rift. Sir Keegan provides his warhammer, Vengier, to Arn as a gift to go forward into the Keep and use to close the rift.

At approximately 1700 the group go back through the Keep to paths that were not pursued earlier. They explore the only path left that had not come to a rune on the floor and eventually find the rune blocking the path. As this is the only way left to go, the party decides to jump one of the runes and continue into the Keep. As the party moves through the Keep, they enter a room that is even darker. Light sources are only providing illumination of 5ft. As the party comes to another room they are attacked by a large darkness. The party is surprised, but they recover and eventually defeat the darkness. Light sources go back to providing illumination out to about 15ft.

The party is battered and beat. A rest is needed and a discussion on where to rest begins. During the discussion, Redargen spots a secret door and requests Marick check for traps and open the door. The door opens into a hallway that is very short. Upon further inspection the walls are an illusion and stepping, through the illusion, the party is attacked by four zombies. The zombies are easily dispatched and some treasure is found. A riddle is read to the party and they successfully answer the riddle and a suit of magical armor appears. The armor is +2 Black Iron Scale. Arn and Kriven decide on who will gain the new armor. Additionally, a wooden box is located. Marick opens it and is caught in a fire trap. He ensures no other traps are present and inside the box is found some bracers and a quiver with six arrows. Acan accepts the bracers (perfect shot) and the quiver with magical arrows.

The party determines this is a good place for an extended rest and shut the secret door. They hide behind the illusory wall and rest. This finishes the session.

Undistributed treasure does not change
Chain shirt (Normal) Battle Axe (Normal)
Hammer of Zuoken (No Magical properties)
Obsidian Dragon Necklace w/symbol of Orcus
1,148gp 172sp



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