Conclusion to Shadowfang Keep

This sessions begins as the last completed. The party emerges from the whirlpool trap at 0900, 4 Dec 507BE. Due to the murals on the walls and the statues that have been encountered, Redargen comes to the conclusion that the area predates the Wensharian Empire.

The party continues through the Keep and enter a room with a with a workbench in the center. On the workbench is a book and upon further examination, the party determines the book has at least one ritual in it. Nobody turns any pages or moves the book for fear that it may alert Kalleral to our presence. After searching the room, the party retrieves 50gp of rare herbs (used for nature rituals). This room opens into two additional rooms.

One of the rooms contains a large worktable with a Golem on it. The Golem looks as if it was being worked on and studied. The only other significant thing in the room is a portal opening to another section of the Keep. Both Redargen and Arn leave the room but Marick decides to inspect the portal more. Eventually, Marick jumps through the portal and finds he can’t return to the party as easily. The Golem winks at Kriven and then Redargen is informed of what is happening. Redargen returns to the room and inspects the Golem. A noise is heard from it but no movement. The party moves into the additional room and upon leaving a loud noise is heard from the Golem. Marick decides to inspect as he has returned to the party. After his inspection he concludes the arm moved but no other movement is seen.

The second room is filled with books and looks like it has been used for testing magical capabilities. Arn locates two interesting scrolls which turn out to be a scroll of create holy water and a scroll of brew potions. Additionally, the team finds 250gp of alchemical reagents (arcane rituals), 100gp of mystic salves (religious rituals), 200gp of sanctified incense (neutrally aligned) and 150gp of orichalcium (used for any rituals).

After searching both rooms, the party decides to leave and maintain vigilance behind us just in case the Golem is animated. As the party nears the far end of the room, prior to exiting, the smell of blood permeates the air. The party cautiously continues on and sees a light flickering ahead with chanting taking place.

The next room is a very large room and a sacrifice is happening at the far end of the room. The party surprises the Cleric performing the sacrifice, two Berserkers, a Creeper and five vampire spawn. All the enemies are dispatched and the party frees Mr. Douvon Stall from an untimely death. After freeing Mr. Stall, the party looks into the pit and a light can be seen below. Four chains provide easy access into the pit but they are covered in blood.

The party decides this must be where Kalleral is located and plan a course of action to attack. The party descends into the pit in two waves and enter the center of a very large room. The portal is opening and is along one wall, while another wall has Kalleral on a raised dais behind and altar. Opposite Kalleral is Wight and dotted around the chamber are eight skeletons.

Marick immediately moves to strike a skeleton and dispatches it only to find the Wight raises it up again. All party members begin focusing attacks on the Wight and get pelted by arrows from the skeletons. The Wight is finally dispatched and the party begins systematically taking out the skeletons while trying to close the portal. Kalleral steps into the fight and knocks Redargen out of the battle but Arn is there to provide assistance. The party successfully closes the portal and eventually defeats Kalleral. Treasure received is a bag of holding, Rod of Ruin (magical), +2 Elven cloak (Acan receives), +2 dagger (Marick receives), a horned helm that grants an extra 1d6 dmg when charging (Kriven receives) and 981gp.

At approximately 1030, the party returns to the top of the chamber and retrieves Mr. Douvon Stall. The party decides to find a safe place to rest and recover.

5 Dec 507BE, the party arises and goes to meet with Sir Keegan. At the burial area of Sir Keegan, the party leaves treasures from his families burial site. Sir Keegan seems pleased and the party exits the Keep.

Once outside, the snow is heavier and there are voices heard outside the gates of the Keep. Marick sneaks up and sees several figures in the snow and a Wyvern that has been killed. The party joins Marick and emerges from the gate. Three people hail the party and they are known by Arn. The first is Mark Martikus (Commander within the military of Bahamut), the second is Petrov (Commander of the Platinum Talons, a militant arm of Bahamut) and a Commander of teh army of Pelor.

Arn provides information regarding the Keep, and what we have done, to the arriving Commanders and shows them the hammer he received from Sir Keegan. After resting with the armies, the party plans to travel back to Foyer.

Undistributed treasure is:
Chain shirt (normal) Battle Axe (normal)
Hammer of Zuoken (no magical properties)
Bag of holding



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